Walks List


Walks List with Distances, Grade and Route Quality Index

All walks begin and end at a railway station

Northern Walks

Walk Number                                         Lane Cove National Park

1.*                   Gordon to Chatswood           12.2/E/51               km/grade/ RQI

2.*                   Gordon to Thornleigh          13.6/E-M/62

3.*                   Roseville to Macquarie Park 8.8/E/62

4.*                   Macquarie Park to Thornleigh 11.5/E/54

5.*                   Epping to Thornleigh           7.3/E/50

Berowra Valley National Park 

6 .*                  Thornleigh to Hornsby 9.2/E-M/78

7.*                   Hornsby to Mt Kuring-gai via Galston Gorge 20.3/H/73

8*                    Berowra to Mt Kuring-gai via Berowra Creek 9.7/M/82

9A. *                Berowra to Cowan via Berowra Waters 11.8/M-H/71

9B.*                 Cowan to Berowra via Berowra Waters 11.8/ M/71

10.*                 Hornsby to Berowra via Galston Gorge 20.7/H/68

11.*                 Cowan to Mt Kuring-gai 15.5/M-H/92

12A*               Berowra to Thornleigh via Galston Gorge 26.0/H/77

12B*               Thornleigh to Berowra via Galston Gorge 26.0/H/77

Kuring-gai Chase

13A.*               Wahroonga to Mt Kuring-gai via Bobbin Head 13.9/M/65

13B.*               Berowra to Wahroonga via Bobbin Head 16.6/M/76

14.*                 Mt Kuring-gai to Berowra via Cowan Creek 8.9/M/90

15.*                 Mt Kuring-gai Circ. via Bob. Head and Birriwana Loop 10.7/E/83

16.*                 Cowan to Brooklyn via Jerusalem Bay 11.2/M-H/79

16A*               Cowan and Return via Taffys Rock 15.0/ M-H/100

Berowra Valley- Kuringai Chase Composite Walks

17A*               Berowra Circuit via Mt Kuring-gai   18.0/M-H/88

17B*               Brooklyn to Berowra via Cowan 23.0/H/76

Brisbane Water National Park

18.*                 Wondabyne to Woy Woy via Mt Wondabyne 14.6/M/51

18A*                Wondabyne to Little Wobby via Mt Wondabyne

19.*                 Wondabyne and Return

A.via Pindar Cave 12.0/E-M/88

B.via Mt. Wondabyne 15.7/M/81

20.*                 Point Clare to Woy Woy 10.0/E-M/47

Southern Walks

Heathcote National Park

21.*                 Waterfall to Heathcote via Bullawaring Track 10.5/E-M/75

22 A*             Waterfall Circuit via Mt Westmacott off track 9.1/M-H /80;

22B*             Waterfall Circuit via Mt Westmacott on track  10.2/E-M/70

Royal National Park 

23.*                 Otford Circuit via Burning Palms,returning

A.Via Fig. 8 Pool and Garawarra Farm 13.0/E-M/81

B.Via Fig. 8 Pool and Werong Beach 11.7/M-H/90

24.*                 Otford to Helensburgh via Burning Palms 13.3/E-M/84

25*                  Otford to Bundeena via Coast Track 27.5 km/H/89

26.*                 Otford to Waterfall via Burning Palms 16.9/M-H/77

27.*                 Helensburgh to Waterfall via Bola Heights 14.2/M/68

28*                  Helensburgh to Bundeena via Burgh and Coast Tracks 26.6/H/89

29.*                 Waterfall Circuit along upper Kangaroo Creek 15.5/M-H/83

30.*                 Waterfall to Engadine via full length Kangaroo Creek 14.6/H/100

31.*                 Waterfall to Heathcote via Kang. Ck. exit Karloo Pool 9.4/M-H/96

32*                  Waterfall to Bundeena via Curra Moors 28.9/H/81

33.*                 Heathcote to Waterfall via Uloola Falls 10.7/E-M/72

34.*                 Heathcote Circuit via Bottle Forest and Karloo Pool 7.0/E-M/81

35*.                 Bundeena :

A.To Loftus via Audley 19.6/H/86

B.Circuit via Deer Pool and Marley Beach 18.9/M/ 65 or 76

36.*                 Heathcote to Engadine (or to Heathcote)

A.via Bottle Forest and lower Kangaroo Creek 9.8/M/84

B.Via Karloo Pool and lower Kangaroo Creek 10.3/M/97

C.Via Uloola Falls and Audley 15.5/M/98

D.Via Karloo Pool and Yalla Ridge 8.8/M-H/99

37.*                 Heathcote to Loftus

A.via Uloola Falls and Audley 16.2/M/92

B.via Lower Kangaroo Creek and Audley 14.7/M-H/91

38.*                 Engadine to Loftus via Audley 12.3/E-M/90

39*                  Engadine to Bundeena via Audley

A.and via Mainbar 18.0/M-H/85

B.and via Deer Pool and Marley Beach 23.6/H/90

C.and via Mt. Bass and Marley Beach 24.1/H/78

Illawarra Escarpment and Coast

40.*                 Stanwell Park Circuit

A.via Wodi Wodi Track 7.0/M/76

B.via Stanwell Tops 8.1/E /72

41.*                 Stanwell Park to Coal Cliff via Wodi Wodi  Track 6.0/M/84

42.*                 Stanwell Park to Austinmer

A.via Wodi Wodi and Forest Walk 14.5/M-H/93

B.via Stanwell Tops 16.2/M-H/85

Western Walks

Blue Mountains National Park

43.*                 Faulconbridge to Springwood via Perch Ponds 10.7/E-M/92

44.*                 Faulconbridge to Blaxland via Bunyan Lookout 14.2/M-H/95

45.*                 Springwood Circuit via Glenbrook Creek 10.0/E-M/84

46.*                 Warrimoo to Blaxland via Florabella and Pippas Pass 5.5/E/69

47.*                 Warrimoo to Glenbrook along Glenbrook Creek

A.Duck Pond exit 9.7/M-H/81

B.Fire Trail exit 10.6/M-H/80

48.*                 Blaxland (or Warrimoo )to Glenbrook via Duck Pond 13.8/M/91

49.*                 Blaxland to Springwood

A.via Bunyan L.O. Magdala Creek Exit 12.9/H-M/94

B.via Bunyan L.O. Sassafras Gully Exit 13.2/M/89

C.along Glenbrook Creek Magdala Creek Exit 10.7/M-H/92

50.*                 Glenbrook Circ. via Lennox Bridge and historic railways 10.7/E/62

51.*                 Glenbrook Circ. via Fire Trail, Rd Hands Cave and

Jellybean Pool Exit 12.3/E-M/81

52.*                 Glenbrk Circ. via Red Hands Cave, Kanuka Brook  11.2/M-H/77

53.*                 Glenbrook Circuit via Duck Pond and Blue Pool exit 6.9/M/86

54.*                 Glenbrook Circuit via Blue Pool, Red Hands Cave and

Crayfish Pool 16.7/M/71

55.*                 Glenbrook to Lapstone via Glenbrook Gorge 8.1/M-H/83

56.*                 Glenbrook to Springwood via Fire Trail and Bunyan Lookout 18.2/M-H/90

57.*                 Faulconbridge to Glenbrook via Bunyan L.O and

Duck Pond exit 18.9 M-H/93

58*                  Glenbrook Circuit to Duck Pond 5.0/E/80

59*                  Valley Heights to Blaxland 9.1/E/53

60*                  Lapstone to Glenbrook via Mt Portal and Euroka 14.6/H/62

61*                  Glenbrook Circuit via Blue Pool, Euroka and Nepean River 13.8/M/74


Blue Mountains Composite Walks


62*                  Warrimoo to Valley Heights via Blaxland 14.6/ M/58

63*                   Glenbrook Circuit via Blue Pool, Euroka and Jellybean Pool exit 16.2/M/78


            *My Track Notes/ Route Map /Walk Profile available



                                                            Walks Rejected

  1. Austinmer to Bulli Lookout and Sublime Point part track closed and overgrown
  2. Rydalmere to Carlingford- multiple road crossings and polluted creek
  3. Wombara to Thirroul too much beach and urban walking
  4. Faulconbridge Circuit via Linden Creek- walk too short for long train journey
  5. Glenbrook to Lapstone- access closed by Sydney Water
  6. Otford to Stanwell Park- Federation Track overgrown and polluted (map and track notes available)