Walk No. 9B


Walk 9B :- Cowan to Berowra At A Glance 

Route Summary:- This walk follows part of the Great North Walk and is almost entirely on walking tracks. It goes for 6.5 km to Berowra Waters, where about 350 m. on public road, then for another 2.2 km on walking track to a fire trail, and about 1.8 km. along this, then 0.8 km up on track up to Berowra houses and streets with the final 0.6 km. along these to the Station.

RQI:- 82

Highlights:- Remote bush; panoramic views; Berowra Waters; classic bushwalk 

Negatives:- Track washed out in places

Length:- 11.8 km

Grade:- Medium 

Weather:_All weather except if Joe Crofts Creek in flood

Time:- continuous waking with a few 3-5 min. stops:- 3 hrs 45 min 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 0.52 min. via Strathfield

Train Time to Central from Finish :-. 0.47 min. via Strathfield

Total Climb :- 460 m 

Total Descent :- 440 m.

Water:- Cowan and Berowra Stations; Berowra Waters

Toilets:- Berowra Waters; Berowra Station; Cowan unattended/locked 

Café/Kiosk :- Berowra;

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Cowan

Walk 9B Track Notes

Cowan to Berowra


Km./Hrs.min.                                  Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Cowan Station; cross Pacific Highway at Station exit to a signboard and track head

0.10/0.02       At signboard:- ‘ Great North Walk; Berowra Waters 8 km’ ; take this initially along service road

0.61/0.08       At green arrowed post, leave service road and take walking track                     on right

1.42/0.21      Walking track crosses service road almost at right angles; signboard:- ‘ Cowan 1 km’ backtrack and ‘Berowra Waters 7 km’

1.67/0.25       Track junction; go left on arrowed post along power lines for about 40 meters, then veer right away from power lines at arrowed post.

2.78/0.46      Crossing Joe Crafts Creek

4.20/1.14       Track junction; continue straight at arrowed post.

4.36/1.16      Camp site and major track junction with signboard:- ‘ Cowan 4.5 km’ backtrack; ‘ Berowra Waters 3.5 km’ track on right; go right gently uphill

4.60/1.21       Three way tack junction; go right at arrowed post

5.32/1.38       Significant creek crossing.

5.67/1.49      Top of small plateau with attractive camp site and fireplace ; follow track down to Berowra creek on steps; at Berowra Creek, turn left and continue along walking track along the left bank of Berowra Creek; this track merges with an unsealed and then a sealed public vehicular road with parking area on left; follow this to a T junction with the main Berowra Waters access road; just before this junction on the left, are toilets, picnic tables and a water tap next to lower tables.

6.74/2.14      Cross Berowra Waters access road at right angles to a signboard:- ‘ Cowan 8 km’ backtrack and ‘Berowra Station 5.4 km’ straight on along left bank of Berowra Creek; continue straight; after crossing a small creek on rocks, the track goes steeply up on steps

8.37/2.46       Track T junction with minor track on left; fireplace and camping area; continue straight.

8.77/2.54       Creek crossing on bridge

8.82/2.55      Walking track T junction with service road and signboards:- ‘ Berowra Heights’ to the left and ‘Great North Walk’ to the right; go right now along service road.

9.56/3.06      Track T junction; walking track on right goes down steeply to Sam’s Creek and on to Crosslands and Mount Kuring-gai Station; signboard:- ‘ Berowra Station 2 km’ straight on along service road

10.51/3.18    Service road T junction; concrete paved road on left goes up to Berowra Streets; signboard:- ‘ Crosslands 3.8 km’ backtrack and ‘Berowra Station 2.0 km’ straight on along service road.

10.65/3.20    Track Y junction ; Benowie Walking Track splits off on left; take this at arrowed post, now leaving the service road.

11.23/3.37    Benowie Track ends at Cowley Road, a sealed public vehicular road; signboard:- ‘ Berowra Station 750 meters’ straight on; cross Cowley Road, veering to the left, then follow footpath to the right of one roundabout at Cowley Road and to the right of another several hundred meters further; follow footpath to a T junction with the Pacific Highway and railway lines; cross the Pacific Highway on traffic lights, then turn left and walk along Highway to Berowra Station

11.80/3.46    At Berowra Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular road- 9%

On locked service/fire trail- 18 %

On walking track- 73 %

RQI= 66+13+0= 82