Walk No. 8


Walk 8:- Berowra to Mt Kuring-gai  At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It goes for 0.6 km. along Berowra streets to the Benowie walking track head, then down for 0.75 km on a walking track to intersect a service road/ fire trail and for about 1 km. along this to a walking track ( Great North Walk) that goes steeply down to Sams Creek and continues as a good walking track for the next 5.6 km past Sams Creek and Calna Creek to a paved service road that goes steeply up for 0.5 km. to Mt. Kuring-gai streets, then for about 200 m. along the Pacific Highway to Mt Kuring-gai Station.

RQI:- 82 

Highlights:- This walk along the Benowie Walking Track and Great North Walk is one of the most attractive and popular walks in the region. After a steep descent to Sams Creek it follows tidal Sams Creek to a unique boulder ridge with aboriginal middens ; then along Berowra Creek with grassland just before Calna Creek; then along Calna/Lyrebird Creeks with several creek crossings, interesting rock cave overhangs to an old earth dam wall and up steeply to Mt. Kuring-gai 

Negatives:- Nil 

Length:- 9.7 km

Grade:- Medium- steep descent to Sam’s Creek and several creek crossings 

Weather:_All weather except when creeks in flood

Time:- 2hrs 25 min. continuous walking

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 47 min. via Strathfield

Train Time to Central from Finish :-. 1 hr. 2 min. via T1 Line

Total Climb :- 260 m.

Total Descent :- 260 m.

Water:- Berowra Station, nil en route

Toilets:- Berowra Station, Mt Kuring-gai unattended/locked; nil en route

Café/Kiosk :- Berowra; Mt Kuring-gai

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Cowan


Walk 8 Track Notes

Berowra to Mt Kuring-gai


Km/Hrs.min.                                         Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00       Leave Berowra Station ; coss Old Pacific Highway on pedestrian lights, then turn left and follow the Highway to the next traffic lights.

0.18/0.02       At traffic lights, turn right into Berowra Waters Road and follow this for about 400 meters past one roundabout and oval on right to a second roundabout.

0.58/0.06       At second roundabout, go left into Crowley Road and immediately cross this to the start of the Benowie Walking Track and signboard

0.62/0.07      At signboard:- ‘ Great North Walk’; ‘Berowra Station 750 meters’ back track and ‘Crosslands 5.8 km’; follow walking track downhill.

1.36/0.19       Walking track intersects service road; veers right and now walk along service road

1.56/0.22      Track T junction on right and signboard on left:- ‘ Crosslands 3.8 km’ straight on and ‘ Berowra Station 1.5 km’ back track; the paved service road on right goes to Berowra houses and is a shortcut back to Berowra Station; continue straight.

2.40/0.35      Track T junction on left and signboards on right and left:- ‘ Berowra Station 2km’ back track and ‘ Berowra Waters 3.4 km’ straight on, and on left ‘ Crosslands 3.7 km’; turn left on walking track down towards Crosslands

2.76/0.45      Walking track at Sams Creek crossings; there are two crossings within a few meters; veer left and cross on boulders; note red arrow shield on boulder at crossing; then go straight and slightly right to second crossing on bouders at edge of tidal zone

2.78/0.46       After second crossing, signboard on left:- ‘Berowra Waters 4.5 km’ back track and ‘ Crosslands 2.6 km’ forward; track turns right at signboard and follows left bank of Sams Creek.

3.22/0.54       Top of pleasant headland with large boulders on right; faint track flagged with bunting goes up the ridge on left; this headland is the junction of Sams and Berowra Creeks; continue straight down, then along left bank of Berowra creek

4.35/1.12      After board walk over grass, track junction and signboard next to tidal Calna Creek :-‘ Berowra Waters 5.8 km’ back track and ‘ Mt. Kuring-gai 4.4 km’ link track on left; turn left and follow left bank of Calna Creek

5.73/1.33       First creek crossing;Calna Creek now on left

5.98/1.37       Second Calna Creek crossing on steps cut into sandstone

6.42/1.46      Spectacular cave overhang

6.60/1.49       Lyrebird Gully crossing on outcrop with railing at edge of waterfall

6.61/1.50       Re-crossing Lyrebird Gully on steps cut into sandstone, immediately after previous crossing

7.55/2.05       Final Lyrebird Gully crossing –easy crossing on outcrop

7.76/2.09       Timber bridge crossing spillway for old backfilled dam; after crossing, walk along old dam wall, then veer right along service road; this dam may initially have provided water storage for steam trains, but was then backfilled as sewer discharge

7.97/2.12      Start of paved service road; follow this, steeply up in parts, to Old Pacific Highway

8.43/2.20       At end of service road with gate and signboard:- ‘ Great North Walk 4 km’ and ‘ Berowra Station 9 km’ both back track ; ‘Mt Kuring-gai Station 0.5 km’ ahead; at gate, cross the Old Pacific Highway carefully at traffic lights, then turn left and follow footpath to Mt Kuring-gai Station

8.62/2.23       Turn right at Station underpass, then left up stairs to platforms

8.65/2.24      At Mt Kuring-gai Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular road- 10%

On locked service/fire trail- 17%

On walking track- 73%

RQI= 73+9+0= 82