Walk No. 61


Walk 61 Glenbrook Circuit via Euroka and Nepean River At A Glance

Route Summary:- From Glenbrook Station this walk follows public roads to the end of Station Street, then on fire trail for about 0.5 km to a poor walking track down to Blue Pool in Glenbrook Creek, then on good walking track to a sealed road that goes down to a causeway over Glenbrook Creek. The walk then follows the established Red Hands and Link Tracks for about 2.3 km to a good walking track that goes up to a fire trail and picnic area, then on another fire trail to Euroka Camping Area; then on constructed tracks to the Nepean River and back to Euroka, then along the Euroka Walking Track back to the causeway over Glenbrook Creek ; the walk then re-traces the route back to Glenbrook Station

RQI:-   74

Highlights:- Diversity of walking conditions and bush surrounds; Euroka Camping Area; Nepean River 

Negatives :- Nil

Length:- 13.84 km

Grade:- Medium 

Weather:_All weather except when Glenbrook Creek in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- about 5 hours

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 1 min; Western Line; every hour

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr. 1 min; Western Line ; every hour 

Total Climb :- 380 meters

Total Descent :- 380 meters

Water:- Glenbrook

Toilets:- Glenbrook; Euroka

Café/Kiosk :- Glenbrook

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Penrith


Walk 61 Track Notes

Glenbrook Circuit via Blue Pool, Euroka and Nepean River


Km/Hrs.min                           Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0/00     Glenbrook Station

0.50/0/09     End of Station Street

0.72/0.12       Fire Trail splits at large tree with blue metal triangle; go left

0.98/0.14      Start of walking track down left, leaving fire trail at large tree with blue triangle; this track to Blue Pool is becoming more and more overgrown; follow pink bunting and small yellow plastic shields nailed to trees.

1.35/0.25       In gully; follow this downstream for about 100 meters; bunting on trees

1.43/0.28       Cross to right bank of gully and go downstream about 40 meters.

1.47/0.29       Cross this narrow now steep banked gully at right angles; note various coloured bunting; care with slippery rocks; track very overgrown after crossing- veers away from gully.

1.50/0.31       Faint track goes along base of cliff for about 100 meters, then turns right and goes steeply down to Blue Pool; follow blue and pink bunting.

1.60/0.35       At Blue Pool; track turns left and goes downstream along Blue Pool for about 40 meters to a pristine gully and ephemeral waterfall.

1.63/0.37       Cross pristine gully then veer right towards Blue Pool; pick up remnants of the original constructed track from Glenbrook, now closed because it started on private land; follow old track downstream along cliff parallel to Blue Pool.

1.71/0.41      At warning sign on metal pole next to Blue Pool; track improves from here as it continues downstream.

1.82/0.46       Take constructed steps upstream to sealed public road.

1.89/0.48       At sealed road on tight bend- follow this road steeply downstream to Glenbrook Creek causeway.

2.12/0.52      Crossing Glenbrook Creek causeway; turn right after crossing and follow signage:-‘Campfire Creek’ and ‘Red Hands Cave’; follow this wide, well maintained walking track as follows campfire Creek upstream; ignore tracks on right

3.37/1.11       Track Junction; track on right goes to lookout; continue straight.

4.04/1.21       Major track junction with signage:- ‘Link Track’ on left and ‘ Red Hands Cave Track’ on right; follow Link Track on left

4.41/1.30      At faded information panel on metal stand on right:- ‘Aboriginal Sandstone Workshop’; almost adjacent to this sign there is a T junction with a clea walking track uphill on left; go left along this, now leaving the Link Track

4.45/1.32       Walking track crosses gully obliquely.

5.10/1.45       Track X junction with cycle track; cross this at right angles and continue along walking track for a short distance to a T junction with a fire trail.

5.20/1.49       At T junction, turn right and follow the fire trail to a clearing with square timber benches.

5.39/1.53      At clearing –‘Ironbark Picnic Area’ with signage at a large clearing; veer left here and go to a gated fire trail that leaves the main fire trail; step over boom gate and follow this fire as it curves gently down to Euroka camping grounds.

6.50/2.10      At locked gate on edge of Euroka Camping Grounds; continue past the gate to a public gravel vehicular road.

6.55/2.13       Turn right and follow the gravel road past an sealed vehicular road that joins obliquely from left and continue to as the gravel road veers right to a signboard ahead

6.61/2.15       At signboard:- ‘Apple Tree Flat’ and ‘Bennetts Ridge’; continue along this wide gravel road.

6.66/2.16       Gravel road crosses Apple Tree Gully, continue past a toilet on left and signage:-‘Apple Tree Flat’ on right.

6.84/2.20       Road crosses another gully, followed by signage:-‘ Bennetts Ridge Campsite’ and ‘ Nepean River 1 hour return’; continue along gravel vehicular road to a gate

6.97/2.23       Walk past locked gate – this is the other end of Euroka Camping Area; continue along what is now a fire trail, with vehicles excluded; note signage here:- ‘Woodford Oake Fire Trail 4.5 km’ and ‘ Nepean River 1 hour return’

7.56/2.31       Major track junction with signage:- ‘Nepean River’ –wide walking track on left and ‘Euroka’ backtrack; Bennetts Ridge Fire Trail curves right; follow Nepean River track down on left- it narrows to a good constructed walking track.

7.80/2.39       Major walking track junction with signage:-Nepean River’ straight on down and Euroka via Bennetts Ridge’ backtrack; the walking track on left has no signage.

8.01/2.46      At edge of Nepean River; narrow muddy beach for possible swimming; otherwise not much to recommend this location; turn around and backtrack steeply up to the last signaged track junction.

8.22/2.57       Now back a signage:- ‘ Euroka via Bennetts Ridge’ straight on up; go right here and follow this good constructed but unsignaged walking track as it follows the creek in valley on right upstream.

8.60/3.04       Crossing tributary gully on timber bridge.

8.86/3.07       Track junction at wide mown grassy area next to creek (edge of Euroka Camping Area); ignore narrow walking track that goes up on left, but continue along wide grassy track to a rusty condemned bridge.

9.04/3.11       At rusted condemned closed bridge; cross gully on narrow track beside bridge to a wide grassy picnic area with square wooden table and locked gate ahead.

9.15/3.15      At locked gate; start of public vehicular road with grassy parking strip and signage:- ‘Darug’ campsite; about 10 meters after the gate, take a walking track uphill on right; in a short distance, this becomes a good clear track with constructed steps uphill.

9.74/3.29       Track Y junction with signaged track on right ‘ Portal water Hole’; ignore this; continue straight.

9.90/3.34      Walking track at a T junction of public gravel vehicular roads; continue straight, crossing the gravel public road at right angles to an arrowed post with signage:- ‘ Glenbrook Park Entrance 2.5 km.’; continue along this good walking track.

11.41/3.55    Walking track intersects sealed vehicular road at a tight bend with signage:- ‘Euroka Walking Track 2 hours Return’ backtrack; walk steeply down to Glenbrook Creek causeway;

11.68/3.59    Note signage for Red Hands Cave Track on left seen at start of this walk; continue over causeway then go steeply up along sealed road.

Note:- From the causeway this walk retraces the route followed on the way in back to Glenbrook Station; if you wish to avoid the rough bushtrack in, you can continue along the sealed road, past the park entrance to Glenbrook Station. The distance is about the same, but walking along public roads is boring

11.91/4.03    Leaving sealed road at sharp bend to the right; follow constructed walking track down to Glenbrook Creek etc.

12.90/4.38    At walking track T junction with fire trail at large tree with blue triangle; go right along fire trail.

13.02/4.40    At fire trail Y junction at large tree with blue triangle.

13.34/4.45    End of fire trail, start of Station Street; follow Station Street to T junction with Cowdery Street, then turn left, cross rail lines on bridge and turn right into Burfitt Parade; follow Burfitt Parade to Glenbrook Station.

13.84/4.52    At Glenbrook Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:- 2.2 km/ 16%

On locked fire trail:- 2.81 km/ 20%

On walking track:- 8.83 km/ 64%

RQI= 64 + 10 = 74