Walk No. 59


Walk 59 At A Glance – Valley Heights to Blaxland via Sun Valley

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It follows a washed out fire trail down from Valley Heights to Sun Valley, then a short walk along public roads in Sun Valley to a fire trail that follows the beautiful valley of Valley Heights Creek, then by bush track along a pipeline to the Cripple Creek Fire Trail and along this via Cripple Creek to Blaxland.

RQI:-   53 

Highlights:- Gentle valley walks

Negatives :- Too much along roads and fire trails

Length:- 9.10 km.

Grade:- Easy

Weather:_All weather 

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 2 hrs. 26 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 14 mins., every hour 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 9 mins.; every hour

Total Climb :- 120 meters

Total Descent :- 200 meters 

Water:- nil en route

Toilets:- Valley Heights and Blaxland 

Café/Kiosk :- Blaxland

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Springwood


Walk 59 Track Notes

Valley Heights to Blaxland via Sun Valley


 Km./Hrs.min.                     Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      From valley heights Station cross the great Western Highway via the overhead bridge and take the steps down. Valley Road is next to the overhead bridge in front of the steps. Go left down valley Road and after about 50 meters, left again still on valley Road with a car parking area on left. Follow Valley Road to its end, then continue along gravel fire trail to a sealed public road.

0.46/0.07       At intersection with sealed public road- The Chase.; turn right here and follow The Chase gently downhill.

0.70/0.10       At turning circle and end of The Chase, signage:- ‘ No vehicular access’ ; continue straight on, past the sign now on gravel road to where the road turns left into private property; continue straight, now on very washed out fire trail and more steeply down and then zigzags down to a T junction with a sealed road..

1.23/0.21      At T junction with sealed public road- Sun Valley Road; turn left and follow Sun Valley Road as it curves right past Ridgeway Crescent on left and then straight on to another road junction..

1.70/0.27       Sun Valley Road crosses culvert over small creek- possible volcanic breccia in creek cutting

1.77/0.28       At road junction with signage:- Sun Valley Road on right and about 15 meters further, Rosenthal Lane on left. Go left and follow Rosenthal Lane to a gate.

1.88/0.29       At locked gate with signage:-‘ Sun valley Fire Trail’; follow this for several kilometers along a very pleasant creek and valley.

2.80/0.41       Crossing gully that joins main creek about 5 m. left of trail.

2.89/0.43       Spectacular overhang cave with honeycomb weathering on right of trail

2.89/0.44       Larger creek joins from right

3.87/0.55       Walk past open gate with rusty metal plate, then cross a gully about 10 m. on.

4.37/1.02       Crossing small gully that joins main creek about 25 m. left of track.

4.56/1.04       Ignore track on left that goes down to main creek about 50 m. away; continue straight.

4.62/1.05      Fire trail bends left to cross a small gully; just before gully, T junction with walking track on right; go right and follow this clear track uphill; note sporadic exposure of large water pipe parallel to track- the reason for this track

4.82/1.12       Track widens to become rocky outcrop and steeper

5.09/1.18      Walking track emerges at major fire trail X junction with signage:- ‘Cripple Creek Fire Trail’ and ‘Rickard Fire Trail; note six metal poles that protect water valve; follow Cripple Creek Fire Trail passing the metal poles on your left; follow Cripple Creek Fire Trail for the next 1.5 km.

5.27/1.21       Start of steeply down concrete paved section of Cripple Creek Trail

5.43/1.23       Base of broad gully; ignore minor track on left..

5.61/1.26       Very rough fire trail crosses main trail; ignore this; main trail now uphill with bare rock face on left

5.74/1.29       Major fire trail junction with signage:- Spurwood Trail right and trail less distinct on left; continue straight along Cripple Creek Trail.

6.04/1.33       Just before steeper descent, fire trail on right- ignore this; remain on main trail.

6.33/1.38       Crossing minor gully on concrete culvert.

6.63/1.42      At wide bare rock sloping turning circle with signage:- Cripple Creek Fire Trail back track- possibly ends here; another trail on left goes to a fence (a walking track goes from the fence for about 350 m. to Elizabeth St.)- ignore this but veer gently right to continue along what may still be Cripple Creek Trail ? that follows a broad creek valley gently up, with a creek about 30 m. on right..

7.03/1.50       Fire trail Y junction- take either of the more washed out tracks on left- they rejoin after about 30 meters; note minor walking tracks parallel to main track; fire trail less well maintained from here on

7.07/1.55       Fairly large water hole on right; this may be an old bush sand pit.

7.11/1.57       More evidence of illegal bush sand excavation – looks like a three sided erosion gully.

7.40/1.59       Track T junction with clear walking track on left ; ignore this- it heads straight uphill for about 500 meters to Jamison Road; continue straight

7.87/2.03       Track Y junction; Go right along a less well defined fire trail- more like a wide walking track.

7.96/2.05       Ignore narrow walking track on left; from this point to sealed road, ignore all tracks on left

8.29/2.11       Track crosses gully and emerges at a clearing / turning circle with a bare metal pole and track Y junction; take the right hand track that reaches a sealed road within about 200 m.; note valve service concrete apron with light on right and metal gate ahead.

8.46/2.15      At start of sealed public road with houses –Winnicoopa Road; follow this to Jacaranda Ave. on left.

8.62/2.17       At Jacaranda Ave. with signage; go left and follow Jacaranda Ave. to its end at a turning circle.

8.79/2.20       At turning circle, follow a paved lane between House Nos 19 and 21 uphill to another public road (Marjorie Place); turn left and walk about 15 meters to the turning circle for Majorie Place and take the concrete footpath on right..

8.87/2.22       Concrete footpath widens to concrete driveway that leads to a T junction with a sealed public road at its turning circle (Maxwell Place) ; go right uphill along Maxwell Place to a T junction with Wilson Way and Blaxland Rail Station visible straight ahead; go left along Wilson way to a pedestrian crossing and cross to the Station

9.10/2.26      At Blaxland railway station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads- 1.99 km/ 22%

On fire trails-             4.68 km/ 51%

On walking tracks-    2.43 km/ 27%

RQI= 27 + 26 = 53