Walk No. 55


Walk 55:- Glenbrook to Lapstone along Glenbrook Gorge At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk starts with an 0.5 km walk along Glenbrook streets, followed by 0.75 km. along fire trail to a walking track that goes steeply down to Glenbrook Creek with a crossing on rocks. The walk then goes off track downstream along Glenbrook Creek past Blue Pool, Glenbrook Causeway and Jellybean Pool and through Glenbrook Gorge for about 4.5 km. to the confluence of Glenbrook Creek with the Nepean River, crossing Glenbrook Creek several times as necessary. The walk then goes for 1 km. on track beside the Nepean River to a service road, then for 0.5 km. uphill on this to Lapstone Station 

RQI:-   83

Highlights:- Off track adventure; Glenbrook Gorge; Nepean River; Blue and Jellybean Pools

Negatives :- Nil

Length:- 7.6 km. 

Grade:- medium to Hard

Weather:_Avoid when in flood or after heavy rain; check weather forecast

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 4 hrs. 40 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr 1 min.; Western Line; every hour

Train Time from finish to Central:-.0.57 mins.; Western Line; every hour

Total Climb :- 115 m.

Total Descent :- 175 m.

Water:- Glenbrook

Toilets:- Glenbrook 

Café/Kiosk :- Glenbrook

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Penrith


Walk No 55 Track Notes Glenbrook to Lapstone via Glenbrook Gorge

( by middle access to Glenbrook Creek)

28th August 2012

This walk is only suitable when there is low flow in Glenbrook Creek 

Km/hrs.min                        Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Start walk; Glenbrook Station

0.09/0.01       From Glenbrook Station turn left into Burford Parade; follow this to a T junction, turn left and cross railway line on overhead bridge to another T junction with Station Street.

0.43/0.06       Turn right into Station Street and follow it to its end

0.50 /0.08     At end of Station Street turn left, go past a boom gate and a sign showing station Street Fire Trail; follow this trail downhill, initially past some houses on the left and then ignoring side trails on either side; the trail ends at a turning circle where other trails going back uphill meet.

1.30/0.17      Go to the left side of the turning circle to find the start of the walking track to Glenbrook Creek; (do not go back uphill on any of the trails that meet here)

1.51/0.23       Track split at base of cliff on the way down; take right track.

1.62/0.29       About 20 m before reaching Glenbrook Creek where boulders, veer slightly right to reach a rough track next to the Creek going upstream (creek on left); turn right and follow track for about 15 m and cross Glenbrook Creek on rocks; this location is about 80 m downstream from a sandy beach on the inside of a sharp bend in the Creek;

1.67/0.35      After crossing Glenbrook Creek, look for a faint walking track, turn left and proceed downstream (creek on the left); continue on the right bank, finding and losing the walking track to a large pool on the left (Blue Pool); then cross the Creek downstream of the pool on rocks

2.50/1.16      After Creek crossing, go about 15 m up the bank to find a good wide walking track

2.53/1.17       At wide walking track (access track to Blue Pool), turn right and follow it downstream (Creek on right) to some stairs on the left going up; take these stairs to the intersection with a sealed road (Bruce Road/The Oaks Firetrail)

2.69/1.21       At Bruce Road/The Oaks Firetrail, turn right and follow it downhill to a concrete causeway crossing Glenbrook Creek.

2.91/1.26      At causeway, do not cross Creek but follow it downstream on the left bank (Creek on right) past a safety fence and across a former bitumen parking area on a good walking track; follow this track along the left bank to a sand area and pool on the inside of a bend in the Creek and a metal stairs going up on the left; this is Jellybean Pool

3.23/1.35      At Jellybean Pool and metal stairs on left; do not go up these stairs but continue along the left side of the Creek (Creek on right); the route in this interval is fairly indistinct and rough with walking pad found sporadically ; stay on left bank;

3.75/2.00      Track intersects wide well constructed walking trail (Glenbrook Gorge Walking Trail); turn right and follow this downhill on steps and over a small timber bridge.

3.87/2.04       Glenbrook Gorge Walking Track at large pool; track continues on left bank (Creek on right)

3.91/2.11       Track goes to rock shelves in Creek; follow these downstream

4.11/2.14       Now back on left bank (Creek on right); track not found

4.20/2.18       Clearly defined track found on left bank, then lost

4.30/2.21       Track found close to Creek , with Creek still on right; track then goes uphill on left bank

4.34/2.23       Track on top of spur approx 20 m above Creek as a short cut at left bend in Creek

4.42/2.27       Track back down at Creek level; continue to stay at or near left bank using rock shelves where possible (Creek on right)

4.63/2.30       (here crossed to right bank with creek on left and followed rock shelf downstream for about 30m then stopped by cliff and pool; retraced and crossed back to left bank

4.68/2.33       Now back on left bank (creek on right)

4.82/2.43       Cross to right bank (Creek on left) to be on inside of a sharp bend in Creek to the right;

5.04/2.51       Cross Creek to left bank (Creek on right); found faint walking track

5.12/2.57      Cross to right bank on slippery rocks (Creek on left); other side (left bank) now sheer rock wall; rough terrain here on slippery boulders and tough undergrowth; continue downstream

5.45/3.06       Partial Creek crossing onto floodway island with more slippery boulders and tough undergrowth; tough walking here- it is possible that one of the now very narrow banks could be easier.

5.60/3.16       Leave floodway island and cross to left bank (Creek on right); walking now easier higher on left bank.

7.72/3.20       High on left bank, found faint track leading up; investigated but not useful; resume walking near left bank.

5.85/3.26       At beautiful large pool where Creek bends to the right; sheer cliff on other side; continue on left bank (Creek on right)

5.86/3.29       Faint walking track found.

6.10/3.40       Cross Creek to right bank (Creek now on left);clear foot pad found; follow this.

6.05/3.45       Footpad reaches a large sand area where camping site; abandoned large and small tents and other camping equipment as well as much rubbish!! This site is about 100 m upstream from the confluence of Glenbrook Creek and the Nepean River.

6.16/3.55       Just downstream of the sand bar and camp site, cross Glenbrook Creek to left bank and find foot pad leading up to large rock shelf about 25 m above the Creek

6.19/4.00       On rock shelf with good views up and down the Nepean River and Glenbrook Creek, both on the right. Much of the rubble here apparently came from the railway tunnel constructed in 1911; at the rock shelf, ignore the foot pad leading north-west uphill but follow the rock shelf down to the left bank of the River; after about 50 m on rock is the start of a clear walking track that undulates downstream along the left bank of the Nepean River; follow this until it meets a gravel management road .

7.10/4.23      At junction of track and management road with houses and sealed road visible downhill on the right; turn left here and follow the management road uphill under some power lines

7.20/4.31       Management road directly under power lines; continue to follow it uphill to Lapstone Railway Station visible on left

7.59/4.37       Turn left at a walking track leading to the station platform about 20 m away

7.64/4.38S    Lapstone Railway Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:-             0.84 km/10%

On locked service/fire trail:-                        1.16 km/ 15%

On walking tracks/off track:-                       6.09 km/75%