Walk No. 51


Walk 51:- Glenbrook Circuit via Fire Trail, Red Hands Cave and Jellybean Pool At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk starts with an 0.5 km walk along Glenbrook streets, followed by 0.75 km. along fire trail to a walking track that goes steeply down to Glenbrook Creek with a crossing on rocks. The walk then goes off track downstream along Glenbrook Creek for about 1 km to another crossing on rocks just downstream of Blue Pool, continues downstream on constructed walking track , then short section of public road to Glenbrook Causeway, then on good constructed walking track for 3.3 km. via Red Hands Cave to a road and parking area, then on walking track for 4 km back to Glenbrook Causeway, for 0.35 km. off track downstream along Glenbrook Creek to Jellybean Pool and up on walking tracks for 0.4 km to Glenbrook streets, with the final 1.3 km along Glenbrook streets.

RQI:-   81

Highlights:- Red Hands cave; off track along Glenbrook Creek; pristine bush; Blue Pool and Jellybean Pool

Negatives :- 1.8 km walk along Glenbrook streets

Length:- 12.3 km.

Grade:- Easy to Medium 

Weather:_All weather except when creeks in flood 

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 3 hrs. 24 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr 1 min.; Western Line; every hour 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr. 1 min.; Western Line; every hour

Total Climb :- 200 m.

Total Descent :- 200 m.

Water:- Glenbrook

Toilets:- Glenbrook 

Café/Kiosk :- Glenbrook

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Penrith


Walk No 51 Track Notes

Glenbrook Circuit via Red Hands Cave and Jellybean Pool

(by middle, fire trail, access to Glenbrook Creek)


Km/Hrs.min                                  Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Leave Glenbrook Station; turn left into Burfitt Parade and follow this with railway lines on left; turn left and cross lines on overhead bridge and follow to T junction with Station St.

0.34/0.03       Turn right and follow Station St to its end

0.52/0.05       At end of Station St., walk past locked gate on left and follow service road downhill, initially behind houses; ignore roads forking off at left and right and stay on service road on crest of ridge; this service road steepens and is rocky just before it bends sharply right; do not follow right but look straight ahead to start of walking pad down to Glenbrook Creek.

1.27/0.13      At start of walking pad down to Glenbrook Creek

1.49/0.19       Track junction at base of cliff- take the track on right

1.65/0.24      At Glenbrook Creek at the tip of sandy beach on inside of sharp turn of Glenbrook Creek; track down to Creek is easy to follow, with minor difficulty at squeeze through angled gap in lowest cliff next to Glenbrook Creek and sand       spit; turn left and follow G. Ck. downstream and cross where possible

1.66/0.26       Cross G. Ck. on rocks just downstream of sand spit; follow G.Ck. downstream now on right bank, creek on left, on faint walking pad which is rarely more than 10-15 m away from Creek nor more than 10 m in elevation above it, except where sporadic cliffs border on G. Ck.

2.26/0.43       Blue Pool on left; clear walking pad

2.54/0.49      Cross G.Ck. on boulders just downstream of Blue Pool; wide boulder crossing and walk towards cliff base where good constructed walking track; turn right on good track

2.54/0.51       Continue downstream on good track, G.Ck. on right; then uphill away from Creek on constructed steps to a sealed road intersection

2.74/0.55       At S bend on sealed vehicular road; follow this downhill to Glenbrook Creek Causeway

2.96/0.59      Cross Glenbrook Creek on Causeway, turn right an walk a few meters upstream with G. Ck. on right to a sign ‘Campfire Creek Track’ next to junction with            Campfire Creek; turn left at the sign and follow a good walking track, following Campfire Creek upstream, with C. Ck. on right.

3.48/1.07       Track split; both track merge about 500 m upstream, but upper track is much better maintained; take this on left

3.63/1.09       track crosses gully/ creek entering from left via timber planks

3.99/1.14       Upper and lower tracks merge just before timber bridge crossing gully/creek entering from left.

4.22/1.17       Track junction; ignore track on right-it goes to a view point; continue straight

4.80/1.25      Major track junction with signage ‘Red Hands Cave’– turn right and cross Campfire Creek; the left track is ‘Link Track’ that will be followed back to this point to complete a loop

5.54/1.36       Crossing on timber planks gully/creek entering from left

5.88/1.42      At Red Hand Cave; metal platform and screen in front of cave; after looking, walk     past cave and resume walk on steps leading uphill, mostly on log fronted steps.

6.22/1.51       Track intersects road and parking area; signage Link Track via Campfire Creek’ on left; take this ; good walking track

7.61/2.12       Track crosses Campfire Creek on rocks to signageGlenbrook Creek Causeway ’on left; go left and follow Campfire Creek downstream, Creek on left

8.00/2.17       Larger creek enters from right

8.42/2.23      Back at major Red Hands Cave/ Link Track track junction to complete the loop; continue to follow C Ck. downstream, retracing steps to Glenbrook Creek Causeway

10.29/2.47    At Glenbrook Creek Causeway; cross G. Ck. and turn right after crossing; walk across paved former parking area and follow Glenbrook Creek downstream (Creek on right) on faint walking pad and over boulders on left bank to Jellybean Pool

10.65/2.54    At Jellybean Pool; take metal steps and then stone steps uphill away from G. Ck. to a car park;

10.76/3.02    Cross car park to its entrance; about 10 m past entrance, take the wide walking        track on right

10.81/3.03    Walking track crosses sealed road acutely

10.93/3.06    Walking track crosses sealed road almost at right angles, veering slightly left

11.02/3.08    At second car park ; signage Gorge Track’ on hard right and ‘Jellybean Pool’ back track; This is the main National Park entrance, with toll booth, Visitor Information Centre and gate across Bruce Road; turn right and follow Bruce Road uphill with private property on left

11.31/3.12    On railway overpass; continue on Bruce Road

11.67/3.16    Take paved footpath on left; it splits well away from Bruce Road; follow this footpath to Glenbrook Station

11.24/3.23    Top of hill; start of Burfitt Parade

12.30/3.24    Glenbrook Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:-             2.02km/ 16%

On licked service/fire trails:-           0.75 km/ 6%

On walking tracks:-                           9.53 km/ 78%

RQI= 78+3+0=81