Walk No. 5


Walk 5:- Epping to Thornleigh At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It goes for 0.9 km. along Epping streets; then for 2.7 km on walking track along Devlins Creek to its junction with the Lane Cove River; then for the next 2.2 km on track along Lane Cove River with several River crossings, then steeply up on walking track for 0.6 km. to Thornleigh oval and finally for about 1 km. along Thornleigh streets to Thornleigh Station

RQI:- 50

Highlights:- Upper Lane Cove River to its source; easy access; diverse vegetation

Negatives:- Devlin’s Creek polluted; some faint air pollution at times from sewer line along upper Lane Cove River; Low RQI

 Length:- 7.3 km

 Grade:- Easy –all on clear track or road

 Weather:_Several crossings of Lane Cove River not suitable when in flood

 Time:- 1hr. 45 min. continuous walking

 Train Time from Central to Start :- 41 min.

Train Time to Cental from Finish :- 51 min.

Total Climb :- 120 m.

Total Descent :- 60 m. 

Water:- At Epping and Thornleigh Stations; nil en route

Toilets:- as above

Café/Kiosk :- Epping and Thornleigh shopping area; nil en route

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Parramatta River and Hornsby


Walk No 5 Track Notes Epping to Thornleigh


Km/Hrs.min                                                    Kilometers in bold are shown on map 

0.00/0.00        At Epping Station; after clearing ticket barrier, turn right and immediately cross Cambridge St to Oxford St on traffic lights; follow Oxford St

0.43/0.05        Still on Oxford St., cross Chester St.

0.63/0/07        At roundabout and 5-way intersection; follow Derby St. downhill

0.91/0.10        Near bottom of Derby St, just before it makes a sharp turn to the right, take the concrete ramp on your left and walk past a yellow gate; about 20 m past the yellow gate and before crossing the creek look for arrowed post on right; turn hard right, walk over concrete paving, take 6 steps down and walk through tunnel under M2 Motorway on meshed cobble stones, with creek and concrete service road on the far side of creek on your left

1.05/0.12        On other side of tunnel, follow walking track on arrowed green post with creek on left

1.17/0.16        Sign:- ‘Lane Cove National Park’; good clear track

1.72/0.22        Track junction with service road; signage; take ‘Whale Rock 1.8 km’ and ‘Great North Walk’ service road on left; sporadic arrowed posts along the way; Devlin’s Creek on left

2.24/0.28        Track junction and signage; take ‘Lane Cove River 1.6 km’ track on right; ignore track that crosses creek via concrete ramp to ‘Cheltenham Station 1.2 km’; back track to Epping Station is 2.5 km; Devlin’s Creek on left

2.36/0.31        Devlin’s Creek forms a black pool

2.95/0.32        Track junction with wider concrete paved service road; signage; ‘Epping Station 3 km ‘ back track; continue straight ahead, now on concrete paved service road with Devlin’s Creek about 10 m still on left

3.10/0.40        Cross Devlin’s Creek on concrete paved service road; Creek now on right in minor gorge.

3.35/0.42        Cross Devlin’s Creek again, still on concrete paved service road; Creek again on left

3.35/0.44        Cross Devlin’s Creek on concrete causeway; Creek on right

3.58/0.46        Major track junction at Lane Cove River/ Devlin’s Creek confluence; signage; take ‘ Thornleigh via Great North Walk 2.3 km’ track across the Lane Cove River on a concrete culvert

3.73/0.50        After crossing the Lane Cove River, turn hard left; signage here:- ‘Thornleigh Station 3 km’; ‘Epping Station 4 km’ back track and ‘The Great North Walk’ ; take the Thornleigh track , following the Lane Cove River upstream, with River on your left; track here is on rough cobbles, probably part of the river bed during floods

4.12/0.56        Track crosses Lane Cove River; River now on right; signage after crossing ‘Lane Cove National Park’; track still on cobbles.

4.51/1.01        Unknown walking pad joins from left; ignore this; continue straight

4.59/1.02        Track crosses Lane Cove River, with River now on left; just before crossing signage:- ‘Track Closed’ for track that continues on left bank; turn hard right here to cross

5.06/1.08        Large creek joins Lane Cove River from left on other side of River; track continues with river on left

5.39/1.13        Track crosses L.C. River, River on right and re-crosses within 50 to right bank, with River again on left

5.45/1.14        Beautiful river valley here, with tree ferns up to 10 m high between track and river

5.52/1.15        Track junction; service road goes uphill on right; continue straight on now more narrow walking pad

5.75/1.17        Track crosses lane Cove River on concrete filled PVC pads to signage on other side:- ‘Thornleigh Station 2 km’; track leaves Lane Cove River here and winds uphill on log-fronted steps

6.02/1.25        Track T junction with signage:- ‘Comanerra Parkway 1 km’ on right.               ‘Thornleigh’ on left; turn hard left

6.18/1.29        Track T junction; with signage:- ‘Baden Powell Scout Centre’ on left;                        ‘Thornleigh Station’ on right; go right

6.30/1.32        Minor track splits off on right- ignore this; continue about 25 m uphill to Thornleigh Oval and signage:- ‘Lane Cove National Park’ ; turn right and walk beside oval to club house and ablutions bloc

6.44/1.34        End of walking track at gate and signage:- ‘Thornleigh Station 800 m’; cross Ferguson Road and walk up Handley Ave.

6.80/1.37        At end of Handley St turn right into Orchard St. and immediately left into Station St; follow this to Thornleigh Station

7.24/1.42        On pedestrian bridge over Pennant Hills Road

7.36/1.45        Thornleigh Railway Station ; end of walk

RouteQuality Index:-

On public vehicular road:- 24%

On locked service trail        52 %

On walking track                  24%

RQI= 24+26+0 = 50