Walk No. 47B


Walk 47 B:- Warrimoo to Glenbrook via Fire Trail Exit At A Glance

Route Summary:- Part of this walk is off track or on faint track. It goes for about 1.3 km. along Warrimoo streets to the start of Florabella Pass, then follows this for about 2.7 km to a junction with Pippas Pass and steeply down on poor track to Glenbrook Creek; the walk crosses Glenbrook Creek on rock and follows the Creek downstream off track or on faint track for about 4.5 km. past Duck Pond and Kanuka Brook with three more Glenbrook Creek crossings on rocks to a faint track that goes steeply up for about 0.5 km. to a fire trail, then about 0.75 km. along the fire trail to Glenbrook with the final 0.4 km. along Glenbrook streets 

RQI:-   81

Highlights:- Off track walk along Glenbrook Creek

Negatives :- 1.3 km. walk along Warrimoo streets

Length:- 10.4 km.

Grade:- Medium to Hard

Weather:_Avoid this walk after heavy rain or when Glenbrook Creek in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops and one 10 min. stop:-

5 hrs.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 10 mins.; Western Line; every hour

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 1 min. ; Western Line; every hour.

Total Climb :- 205m.

Total Descent :- 290 m.

Water:- Warrimoo and Glenbrook Stations

Toilets:- Warrimoo (may be locked); Glenbrook

Café/Kiosk :- Glenbrook 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Springwood; Penrith


Walk 47 B Track Notes

Warrimoo to Glenbrook via Fire Trail Exit

Tuesday 4th September 2012 updated 8th December 2015

Km/hrs.min                         Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Commence walk- Warrimoo Station; cross Great Western Highway on the       overpass to a parallel local road with shops; turn right and follow this to The Boulevard, turn left and at its end, turn right into Arthur Street then first left into Florabella Street; follow Florabella Street to its end where the Florabella Pass walking track starts.

1.26/0.16      Start of Florabella Pass walking track

1.69/0.29       About 10 m before junction of creeks and track, turn right, cross Florabella Creek and veer to the right after crossing, going uphill (do not follow he track along the right creek bank); the track goes uphill for a considerable elevation and is well away from Florabella Creek ( now on left); track then goes downhill past some caves to cross Florabella Creek again

2.26/0.46       Florabella Creek crossing, now on right

2.40/0.49       Track on left goes uphill- ignore this; also ignore similar track on left about 100 m further on.

2.57/0.53       Signboard and track on right ‘1 km Glenbrook Creek’ , ignore this, go straight ahead

3.70/1.11       Track fork; left track signboard ‘Plateau Parade’– ignore this, take right hand track downhill.

3.77/1.14       Minor creek crossing

3.82/1.18       Track split; take left track uphill; track climbs considerably; (6 minutes lost investigating both tracks- right track ends at cliff)

4.13/1.31       Track goes downhill on right- ignore this.

4.17/1.34      Major track junction; signboard on tree ‘Florabella Pass’ and fading paint on rock; turn hard right and follow winding track steeply down

4.24/1.42       At Glenbrook Creek; turn left and follow creek downstream (Creek on right) but cross to right bank as soon as possible

4.29/1.43       Now on right bank (Creek on left); follow sporadically clear track downstream;         track generally within 25 m distance and 10 m elevation from G. Creek.

5.02/2.18       Track now at Creek level for about 100 m on flats adjacent to G. Creek on left, then resumes above right bank.

6.00/2.51       Back at Creek level next to Creek on left at a sharp bend in G. Creek to the right after following a sporadically clear track mostly not more than 15 m away from Creek on left and not more than 10 m above it

6.11/2.55       Back on track, 10 m above and 15 m away from G. Creek on left

6.31/3.02       Creek on right enters G. Creek ; still mostly on track as above

7.00/3.24      On right bank of G. Creek overlooking Duck Hole; take step down on low cliff to a sandy beach next to Duck Hole; ten minute drink stop

7.10/3.38       Cross Glenbrook Creek on rocks downstream of Duck Hole and turn right onto faint track after crossing, G.Creek now on right

7.30 /3.42      Still on left bank, Kanooka Brook on right enters G. Creek; go about 50 m downstream from this junction and cross G. Creek on rocks to right bank (G. Creek on left)

7.35 /3.46     Middle of G.Creek crossing; turn left after crossing and follow wide rock slabs on      right bank downstream as far as possible then look for track , again mostly within 25 m distance and 10 m above G. Creek

8.78/4.25      Cross G. Creek to the left bank (G. Creek on right) just before a prominent sand bank on left bank and a sharp turn in G. Creek to the left; after crossing, walk up sand bank and veer right for about 10 m. to a faint track leading up through a low cliff; go up this cliff squeezing through gap on left to an obvious walking track on top of the cliff; follow this track up; in two places the track goes at right angles through a gap in low cliff lines; the track then flattens out to reach a fire trail

9.23/13.31    Walking track from G. Creek intersects fire trail; follow this gently uphill ; ignore other fire trails joining but follow ridge line past the rear of houses to a gate and     the start of Station Street

9.98/4.54       Start of Station Street; follow this then take first street left over the railway lines,      the first right parallel to rail lines to Glenbrook Station.

10.40/5.02    Glenbrook Station. End of walk

General Comment on Track Clarity

  • Except for the section between the Duck Hole/ confluence of Kanooka Brook and also near the point where the walk leaves Glenbrook Creek to go uphill to Glenbrook, the walking track along Glenbrook Creek is entirely on the right Creek bank (Creek on left) where it is rarely more than 25 m away from G. Creek or more than 10 m in elevation above it. In places it goes right down to be along sand/grass flats beside the Creek. In places it is obscured by undergrowth and fallen trees or briefly absent. However, contrary to some published track notes, about 80 % of the walk along Glenbrook Creek was on track to allow an average walk speed here at approx 2 km/hr.

Track Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:- 1.78 km/17%

On locked service/fire trail:-            0.65 km/ 6%

On walking tracks/off track:-           8.17km/ 77%

TQI= 77+3+0 =80