Walk No. 45


Walk 45:- Springwood Circuit via Sassafras Gully At A Glance

Route Summary:- This goes for 0.35 km along Springwood streets, then follows the Magdala Gully Track for 4.3 km. along Magdala Creek to Perch Ponds where it joins the Sassafras Gully Track and follows this upstream along Glenbrook Creek for about 1.6 km to Sassafras Creek, then for 2.6 km., still on Sassafras Gully Track upstream along Sassafras Creek, then Sassafras Gully to Springwood streets with the final 1.2 km. along Springwood streets.

RQI:-   84

Highlights:- Creek valleys in pristine bush with dramatic rock overhangs; large rock pools

Negatives :- About 1.5 km. walk along Springwood streets

Length:- 10.0 km.

Grade:- Easy to Medium

Weather:_All weather except when creeks in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 2 hrs 40 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 19 mins., Western Line; every hour 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr. 19 mins.; Western Line; every hour

Total Climb :- 215 m.

Total Descent :- 215 m. 

Water:- Springwood

Toilets:- Springwood 

Café/Kiosk :- Springwood 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Springwood


Walk 45 Track Notes

Springwood Circuit via Magdala Creek, Glenbrook Creek and Sassasras Gully Exit



0.00/0/00     Leave Springwood Station platform, turn left in station tunnel and emerge at Macquarie Road;

0.04/0/01     At Macquarie Road, turn left and follow it past Station platform and car park on left to a pedestrian crossing; cross Macquarie Road and continue straight through a small concrete plaza, down some steps/ramp and through another small car park to Springwood Ave.

0.34/0.06       Cross Springwood Ave. at right angles and note signage after crossing:- ‘Faulconbridge Station via Sassafras Gully 11 km’ follow narrow sealed road downhill , then veer left on narrow sealed footpath past a picnic table where the track starts.

0.43/0.07       Signage:- ‘ Sassafras Gully’ . This good walking track follows Magdala Creek downstream to its junction with Glenbrook Creek at Perch Ponds. The track crosses Magdala Creek several times and is generally close to the creek bed. Track notes for this section are limited to track junctions and to three locations where the track is in the creek bed and track continuity could be unclear; creek crossings at right angles or with arrowed posts are not noted

0.63/0.11       Track junction and signage:- ‘ Picnic Point’ over bridge on right; ignore this, continue straight

0.83/0/14     Track junction with signage :- take‘ Perch Ponds’ on right; the arrow direction is a little unclear here; the track is virtually in the creek bed next to a small waterfall, down some stone steps

1.23/0.20       Signage on left:- ‘ Magdala Gully Track’ in both directions; continue straight

2.45/0.37       Track in bed of Magdala Creek for about 10 m, then continues on left bank, Creek on right.

2.93/0.46       Track in Creek bed under dramatic cave overhang, then resumes on right bank, Creek on left

3.57/0.53       Crossing prominent tributary gully the joins Magdala Creek from left; signage immediately after crossing ‘Perch Ponds 1 km’ on right; turn hard right

4.00/1.01       Track junction with signage:-Magdala Falls’ on left; continue straight after looking at falls

4.30/1.06       Track junction and signage:-Martins Falls’ on left; continue straight

4.63/1.11       Perch Ponds- confluence of Magdala and Glenbrook Creeks; major T junction and signage:- Sassafras Gully Track’ in both directions along Glenbrook Creek; take ‘ Sassafras Gully Road 4.3 km’ track on right, Turn right and follow Glenbrook Creek upstream on good track all the way to its confluence with Sassafras Creek

5.04/1.19       Track Y junction; minor track continues straight but blocked with branches; veer right uphill on better track

6.21/1.37       Track crosses Sassafras Creek at right angles at its confluence with Glenbrook Creek at large swimming hole; after crossing, track veers to right up the bank to a good campsite and signage ‘Glenbrook Creek’

6.26/1.39       At campsite; walk through campsite and follow good walking track upstream, now along Sassafras Creek, Creek on right

6.61/1.44       Track crosses prominent gully joining Creek from left

6.90/1.49       Major track Y junction and signage:-Wiggins Track Yondell Road 700 m’ track on right, take ‘Faulconbridge Station 3.3 km’ straight on; continue straight; note old ,now illegible, metal signs high on tree.

7.29/1.55       Track junction and arrowed post; fainter track straight on deliberately blocked with branches; turn hard right, cross Sassafras Creek and then turn left on track after crossing; arrowed posts show crossing; S Creek now on left.

7.67/2.02       Track crosses Sassafras Gully about 30 m upstream of its confluence with Sassafras Creek; signage right in front after crossing:- take ‘Sassafras Gully Road 1.2km’ straight on, steeply uphill; go straight, with Sassafras Gully on right

8.08/2.09       Track under spectacular rock overhang just before Sassafras Gully splits into two almost equal tributaries; track continues along right tributary

8.86/2.26       After long steady climb, track exits at Sassafras Gully Road turning circle and signage:-Sassafras Gully Track’ on metal pole-back track; follow Sassafras Gully Road to a T junction with Valley Road.

9.10/2.29       At T junction, turn right and follow Valley Road past Bee Farm Road on the right to a 4-way road intersection.

9.47/2.35       At 4-way intersection with signs, turn left into Homedale Street and follow this for about 250 meters, past Springwood Ave. on the right to a T junction with Macquarie Road.

9.75/2.39       At T intersection with Macquarie Road and railway lines in front, turn right and follow Macquarie Road to Springwood Station

10.00/2.41    Springwood Station; end of walk

Track Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:-             1.57 km/ 16%

On walking tracks:-                           8.43 km/ 84%

TQI= 84+0=84