Walk No. 42B


Walk 42 B:- Stanwell Park to Austinmer via Stanwell Tops

At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk takes the Wodi Wodi Track uphill behind Stanwell Park Station, then continues up on the Stanwell Tops Tracks to Stanwell Tops Conference Centre and passes through this on a sealed public road, then for about 1.4 km along coal mine service roads over Stanwell Creek and dam and over coal mine dam spillway; then for 0.9 km. on an unconstructed walking track to a junction with The Forest Walk; then for the next 10.5 km. along the escarpment on walking tracks and briefly on service roads to Sublime Point, then for 0.8 km. steeply down on good track with ladders to Austinmer streets and houses with the final 0.9 km along sealed vehicular roads to Austinmer Station

RQI:-   85

Highlights:- Stanwell Creek and dam; pristine bush; abandoned coal mining infrastructure with large dam; spectacular views; Sublime Point 

Negatives :- 0.9 walk along Austimer streets; 2 hours between trains

Length:- 16.15 km

Grade:- Medium to Hard 

Weather:_All weather except when Stanwell Creek is in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:-4 hrs. 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1hr. 5 mins. Stanwell Park; every 2 hours; South Coast Line

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 28 mins; every 2 hours; South Coast Line.

Total Climb :- 400 m.

Total Descent :- 455 m. 

Water:- Stanwell Park Station (may be locked); Sublime Point

Toilets:- Stanwell Park Station (may be locked); Sublime Point

Café/Kiosk :- irregularly at Sublime Point 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Appin


Walk 42B Track Notes

Stanwell Park to Austinmer via Stanwell Tops


Km./Hrs.min.                        Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Stanwell Park Station

0.25/0.05      Track junction and signage:- ‘Stanwell Tops 800 m’ on right; takethis

0.66/0.15       Track Junction and signage:- ‘Beach’ backtrack down; go left now                   more gently uphill

0.77/0.17       Track T junction with wider track; turn left, go past lookout on left

1.02/0.22       Gully crossing

1.05/0.23       Gully crossing; sporadic fading red bunting on trees.

1.16/0.25       Track junction with wider track; turn right; left goes to lookout

1.35/0.28       At clearing under power lines with houses in front; veer right just                   before             houses to a gate and public vehicular road.

1.45/0.30      At public road; turn left and follow this sealed vehicular road past                   some large welcoming to Stanwell Tops signs to its end at a track junction with gated gravel service roads ahead and on left.

1.90/0.34      At end of sealed road, take service road on left past open gate.

1.99/0.35       At Y junction, follow service road straight ahead then veering right;                 ignore             left and right roads

2.14/0.37       At locked gate with pedestrian walkaround.

2.31/0.40       At Stanwell Creek with massive sandstone outcrop and boulder                       dam wall on right; cross on dam wall, then continue on walking pad.

2.43/0.42       Locked gate with pedestrian walkaround and concrete filled metal                  posts on right.

2.45/0.43      Major 5-way track junction with power lines in front; take the first                  road hard left on overgrown service road.

2.57/0.44       Track joined by power lines and service road from right; continue                   straight along power lines.

2.93/0.48       At solid open gate, and about 15 m further on, another solid yellow                 open gate with service road joining from right; continue straight along power lines.

3.07/0.50       Abandoned fenced pumping station and earth dam wall, both on                    right;   continue straight over minor gully and leakage from dam.

3.11/0.51       Track Y junction with another open heavy yellow gate on left; go left through gate; track on right goes to dam wall about 20 m away; after a few meters you arrive at an about 50 m wide expanse of stripped sandstone (dam spillway) and weir on right; service road visible on other side.

3.23/0.53      Middle on sandstone spillway; continue crossing to serviceroan,                       then follow this.

3.28/0.54       Track junction about 10 m before another open heavy yellow gate;                 take the narrow walking pad on left, leaving the service road.

3.91/1.01       Track T junction at a point overlooking Stanwell Park Town and                       Beach; go right

4.04/1.04       Crossing rocky gully

4.16/1.06      Major track junction; NPWS post; track on left is the Forest Walk;                     continue straight.

4.40/1.11       Lower Stanwell Lookout with warning sign

4.53/1.13       Upper Stanwell Lookout with warning sign

4.73/1.16       Track junction; veer right

5.49/1.24      Track X junction with coaly service road and large concrete tank                      ahead; cross service road at right angles and continue on walking track; if you took the coal road shortcut option, you re-join the walking track here

6.02/1.36       Track junction with service road; go left and after about 30 m right on arrowed post on walking track

6.47/1.42      Track junction with service road; cross at right angles to timber                       steps

6.67/1.45       Cross creek on iron stained outcrop at right angles

7.13/1.51       At metal bridge over creek

7.18/1.52       Track junction; veer right- straight goes to lookout

9.64/2.27      At junction with service road; go right, then after about 20 m on                      service road, go left at signage:- ‘Sublime Point 5 km.’

9.86/2.30       Cross creek on galvanized iron bridge

10.38/2.36    Track T junction with service road along power lines; go left and                      follow service road along power lines for some distance to about 30 m after power lines kink to the left above escarpment ; note arrowed post and resumption of walking track on right

11.41/2.48    Track junction at power lines and service road; turn right and walk                 about 50 m along service road past a turning circle to a wide walking track on left where you should see a gate about 100 m ahead just before you turn left.

14.09/3.21    Track junction and signage:- ‘Forest Walk 4.7 km’ backtrack;                           continue straight.

14.48/3.26    At Sublime Point; turn left; walk to fenced lookout; then turn right                 and follow concrete path to start of steps down on left

15.13/3.42    Track junction with Gibsons Track on right

15.35/3.47    At public road; turn left, follow public vehicular road to first turn on right, then follow this down to Austinmer Station

16.15/3.56    Austinmer Station

Route Quality Index

On public road:-                    1.25 km/ 8%

On locked service/fire trail  2.36 km/ 15%

On walking track:-                 12.54 km/ 77 %

RQI= 77+8+0=85