Walk No. 42A


Walk 42 A:- Stanwell Park or Coalcliff to Austinmer via Sublime Point 

  At A Glance

Route Summary:- From Coalcliff Station this walk goes for 0.84 km south along Lawrence Hargrave Drive, then takes the Wodi Wodi Track under the rail lines and up for about 1 km to a junction with the Forest walk. From Stanwell Park Station the walk takes the Wodi Wodi Track up, then down to Stanwell Creek and up again to a junction with the Forest Walk. Both walks are the same from here and take the Forest Walk up for about 0.5 km to the top of the Illawarra Escarpment and then for the next 10.5 km. along the escarpment on walking tracks and briefly on service roads to Sublime Point, then for 0.8 km. steeply down on good track with ladders to Austinmer streets and houses with the final 0.9 km along sealed vehicular roads to Austinmer Station

RQI:-   93 starting from Stanwell Park

Highlights:- Stanwell Creek and historic viaduct; pristine bush; spectacular views; Sublime Point

Negatives :- 0.9 walk along Austimer streets; 0.84 km walk along Lawrence Hargrave Drive for Coialcliff start; 2 hours between trains 

Length:- 14.5 km from Stanwell Park; 14.42 km. from Coalcliff

Grade:- Medium to Hard 

Weather:_All weather except when Stanwell Creek is in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 4 hrs 6 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1hr. 5 mins. Stanwell Park; 1 hr 15 mins Coalcliff; every 2 hours; South Coast Line

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 28 mins; every 2 hours; South Coast Line.

Total Climb :- 395 m. 

Total Descent :- 440 m. 

Water:- Stanwell Park Station (may be locked); Sublime Point

Toilets:- Stanwell Park Station (may be locked); Sublime Point

Café/Kiosk :- irregularly at Sublime Point

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Walk No 42 A Track Notes

Stanwell Park or Coalcliff to Austinmer via Sublime Point

12 May 2013

For Start at Stanwell Park Rail

Km./Hrs.min.                                Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Start walk on Wodi Wodi Track located behind the waiting room of the Sydney bound railway platform;

0.24/0.05       Track split; sign posted; uphill track goes to Stanwell Tops; continue straight ahead more or less on contour.

0.60/0.12       Boulder strewn outwash gully; cross at right angles on contour

0.68/0.14       Another boulder strewn outwash gully; cross at right angles.

0.92/0.19       prominent boulder strewn outwash gully; go upstream about 8 meters to red           bunting on tree, then cross at right angles; building material dump suggests track will be improved sometime in the future

1.07/0.24       From 0.92 km to this point track downhill is steep and slippery; take care

1.10/0.26       On valley side overlooking Stanwell Creek; track down marked by yellow bunting on trees

1.12/0.28      Stanwell Creek crossing; track uphill resumes about 10 meters downstream where white shield on large rock and yellow bunting on tree.

1.23/0.32       Track to this point well marked with yellow arrows and bunting on trees; fewer track markings from here.

1.49/0.37       Track heads down to unnamed creek crossing.

1.54/0.39      On creek bed; railway line visible approx. 80 meters downstream; yellow arrow       on tree 25 meters upstream marks track continuation uphill; track improves from here with built steps etc.

1.60/0.42       Track crosses washed out (railway?) service road; track veers about 5 meters to the right, then resumes uphill.

1.70/0.45       Scenic location with gentle valley slope, clear undergrowth and large trees.

1.90/0.49      Major track junction with sign boards; ‘Stanwell Park Rail 2.0 km’ back track; ‘Coalcliff Rail 1.8 km’ downhill and ‘Maddens Plains 6km’ uphill on Forest Walk; continue uphill towards Maddens Plains on good track

Note:- The Coalcliff to Austinmer walk joins here

For Start at Coalcliff Rail.

0.00/0.00       Coalcliff railway station; after descending railway overpass steps, turn left and cross Lawrence Hargrave Drive and walk north (back towards Sydney) beside this road for about 1 km taking care with traffic; the eastern (seaward) side of the road has a wider pedestrian strip

0.84/0.09       Cross Lawrence Hargrave Drive to a large green sign board located between the     Drive and the rail lines:- ‘Wodi Wodi Track:- Stanwell Tops 3.8 km’ take this track, leaving the Drive at right angles; within a few meters, walk between two locked rail service road gates to a tunnel under the rail lines; walk through tunnel

0.90/0.11       In middle of tunnel under rail; track then goes past an old style on left and up a grassy slope

1.06/0.13       Large sign board on crest of grassy ridge ‘Illawarra Escarpment’ ; continue on track, briefly down, then continuously up.

1.61/0.22       Acute track split; upper track probably on more even grade, re-joins lower track further up, but misses major track junction and signage; stay on lower track

1.70/0.23       Beautiful gentle valley slope with tall trees and low undergrowth

1.82/0.25       Major track junction with sign boards:- ‘Forest Walk- Maddens Plains’-track on left uphill; ‘Stanwell Park Rail 2 km’ – continuation of Wodi Wodi Track on right; and ‘Coalcliff rail 1.8 km’ back track on Wodi Wodi track; go left uphill towards Maddens Plains

Note:- At this point this walk intersects the Stanwell Park- Austinmer walk and Track Notes for both walks from here on are the same.

Given distances and times from here on are for the walk starting at Stanwell Park. The Coalcliff walk to this point is 0.08 km and 24 minutes shorter. It is also considerably easier but much less scenic and involves walking for 0.84 km beside a main road.

2.06/0.54       Minor T junction; turn right uphill.( the upper track noted at 1.61 km for the Coalcliff walk re-joins here)

2.28/0.59      Major T junction with new NPWS Post; right goes to Maddens Plains; turn left on arrow; no sign board

2.54/1.05       Top of plateau; lookout on left; numerous Gymea Lillies

2.64/1.06       Another lookout with small clearing; turn right onto much wider (vehicle?) track

2.86/1.10       Track split; turn right to yellow bunting on tree; left track goes to lookout; track still wide parallel to escarpment, about 50 meters back from edge

3.61/1.19      T junction with service road; large water tank on right; NPWS arrowed post, turn left, walk about 5 meters along service road to another NPWS arrowed post, turn right and follow narrow walking track.

4.17/1.29      T intersection with gravel service road; arrowed post; turn left, follow service road for about 25 meters to another arrowed post where turn right, back into bush.

4.59/1.36       Service road; cross at right angles as indicted by arrowed posts; new steps and bridge; track very well maintained

4.80/1.39      Prominent creek with unusual yellow iron coating on rocks along creek bed; track crosses at right angles; excellent track

5.20/1.45       Creek crossing on new steel bridge; track junction about 15 m after crossing; turn left on arrowed post; track deteriorates from here

5.28/1.47       Track split; turn right, gently uphill; straight ahead goes to lookout

5.68/1.53       Minor creek crossing on solid sandstone; small pools upstream; track deteriorates further from here; overgrown in parts and hard to follow.

6.18/2.03       At lookout; track veers right and now clearer

7.16/2.16       Track passes through beautiful glen behind escarpment

7.35/2.20       Track climbs out of glen through low sandstone cliff

7.51/2.22       High transmission tower about 100 meters on right

7.74/2.25      Track emerges at service road under power lines with coal as road base and power lines above; sign board:-‘Stanwell Park 8 km’ back track; turn right, follow service road approx. 20 meters away from escarpment to another sign board:- ‘Austinmer Rail 6km’; ‘Sublime Point 5 km’; turn left and follow track

7.83/2.27       Substantial new steel bridge over small creek

7.97/2.28       Open terrain with numerous wildflowers

8.19/2.31       New boardwalk 100 meters plus long; excellent track

8.47/2.34      Track intersects service road under power lines; arrowed post; turn left and follow service road for several hundred meters to its end near escarpment

8.87/2.39       Near edge of escarpment; power lines kink left and descend escarpment;      at arrowed green post turn right and follow walking track; ignore faint vehicle track on right about 20 m back along service road

10.21/2.56    Track emerges at service road with power lines above; turn right towards turning circle and follow power lines for approx. 60 meters away from escarpment to a road on left; gate to main road visible about 200 meters ahead; turn left on arrowed post and follow road that soon turn into a walking track;

10.41/2.59    Wide track becomes walking track.

12.34/3.22    Track split and sign board:- ‘Forest Walk 4.7 km; Stanwell Park 13 km’ back track; go straight ahead; track on right goes to main road.

12.66/3.27    Sublime Point covered picnic tables and toilet block; turn left and follow sealed        road to lookout.

12.78/3.32    Sublime Point Lookout; magnificent views; turn right and follow fence south for about 120 meters to a sign board indicating Sublime Point Track; ‘Austinmer 1km’; take this well made track down, taking care with ladders and winding steps

13.35/3.51    Track split; post with arrow; turn right

13.43/3.52    Gibson Walking Track splits off on right; go straight ahead down hill

13.58/3.55    Track emerges at covered sign board; continue downhill approx. 25 meters to a sealed road- Asquith Street

13.68/3.56    Road junction; Asquith Street makes right angle bend downhill; follow this

14.32/4.04    T intersection with Balfour Road; turn right into Balfour Road and follow; turn left into Railway Avenue, with Austinmer Station visible about 20 meters ahead

14.50/4.06    Austinmer Station; end of walk.

Route Quality Index for Stanwell Park to Austinmer

On public vehicular road:-               0.9 km./ 6%

On locked service/fire trail:-                        0.4 km./ 3%

On walking track:-                             13.2 km./ 91%

TQI=91+2+0= 93