Walk No. 41


Walk 41:- Stanwell Park to Coalcliff At A Glance

(with Stanwell Lookout Option)

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track or road. It takes the Wodi Wodi Track behind Stanwell Park Station upwards and then down to cross Stanwell Creek, then up again to a track junction with the Forest Walk where there is an option to take the Forest Walk uphill to two lookouts and return to this point to rejoin the Wodi Wodi Track that widens and goes downhill for about 1 km to pass by tunnel under the rail line , then within 50 meters to Lawrence Hargrave Drive and along this busy road for about 0.8 km. to Coalcliff Station.

RQI:-   84 

Highlights:- Stanwell Creek and historic viaduct; pristine bush; spectacular views from lookouts 

Negatives :- Long walk along busy road at end.

Length:- 5.1 km. 

Grade:- Medium

Weather:_All weather except when Stanwell Creek in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 2 hrs 9 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 5 mins. every 2 hrs.; South Coast Line

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr. 15 mins.,every 2 hrs; South Coast Line 

Total Climb :- 140 m.

Total Descent :- 150 m.

Water:- Stanwell Park Station but may be locked

Toilets:- Stanwell Park Station, but may be locked 

Café/Kiosk :- Nil 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Appin


Walk 41 Track Notes Stanwell Park to Coalcliff


Km./Hrs.min.                                              Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Stanwell Park railway station; signboard behind Sydney bound                      platform:- start of Wodi Wodi Track; ‘Forest Walk 2 km’ and ‘Stanwell Tops 1 km.’

0.28/0.07       Track Y junction and signboard; go left to Forest Walk

0.64/0.15       Gully crossing

0.91/0.21       Second gully crossing; go about 10 m. upstream, then cross at right                 angles; note abandoned track construction materials.

1.00/0.25       Third gully crossing; red bunting on trees; track here can be                            slippery and ill defined; note another cache of abandoned track construction materials

1.11/0.33      At Stanwell Creek; cross on rocks and go about 10 m downstream to find track continuation steeply up bank on right or on left bank if coming back from viaduct

Viaduct Option:- to follow Stanwell Creek downstream off track for about 250 meters for a closer look at the historic 1920s railway viaduct as still in use.

This walk and Track Notes do not include the viaduct detour.

1.60/0.51       At unnamed creek crossing with rail lines visible about 100 m.                                     downstream; turn right and follow the creek bed upstream for about 20 m to the track continuation up bank on left; note orange  bunting and large yellow arrow on tree pointing backtrack; pristine location

1.69/1.00       Track crosses eroded service road; veer right about 5 m. then                          continue uphill on track

1.91/1.06       Beautiful open flatter valley side with large trees and low                                 undergrowth

2.02/1.07      Major track junction with signboards:- ‘Stanwell Park Rail 2 km’                      backtrack, ‘Coalcliff Rail 1.8 km’ down on left and ‘Maddens Plains 6 km.’ track on right uphill

Stanwell Lookout Optioin:-There is an option here to take the Maddens Plains track uphill extension to a spectacular lookout over Stanwell Park and Beach or head straight down to Coalcliff.

This walk and Track Notes go to the lookout

Turn right and go uphill on steps towards Maddens Plains

2.19/1.14       Track Y junction; walking track joins from left; continue up on                          main track

2.44/1.21       Track T junction and arrowed post; go left

2.54/1.22       Numerous stands of Gymea Lilly

2.65/1.26      At lookout with excellent views to Stanwell Park and Beach; some of this cliff is undercut, so do not stand too close to edge; after viewing, backtrack down to major track junction

3.28/1.43      Back at major track junction with signboards to ‘Stanwell Park Rail 2 km’ and ‘Coalcliff Rail 1.8 km’; continue straight downhill on wider track to Coalclifff

3.99/1.55       Track Y junction at grassy slope with large signboard:- ‘State                           Conservation Area- Illawarra Escarpment’ veer right on track down side of grassy slope.

4.15/1.59       Large signboard with map on left

4.20/2.00       Old style on right, then service road for about 25 m. to railway                                     pedestrian underpass.

4.25/2.01       Track junction with brocken signboard:- ‘ Coal Cliff Rail Station 800 m.’ to the right; continue straight, down some old timber steps to Sir Lawrence Hargrave Drive- a road with heavy vehicular traffic, especially on weekends

4.27/2.02      At Lawrence Hargrave Drive with large signboard on left:-                               ‘Stanwell Tops 3.8 km.’ ‘Wodi Wodi Track’ turn right and walk along Lawrence Hargrave Drive for about 800 m., taking great care withtraffic- walk on right side of road to see oncoming traffic

5.02/2.08        Road Y junction on right and signage:- ‘Coal Cliff Station’ veer right                 uphill.

5.06/2.09      Coalcliff Railway Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular road:- 0.79 km/ 16%

On walking track:-                4.27 km/ 84%

RQI= 84