Walk No. 38


Walk 38 At A Glance

Engadine to Loftus via Audley

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It goes along the Engadine Track to Audley via a crossing of Kangaroo Creek just upstream of its tidal limit and the Robertson Roundabout. From Audley it goes to Audley Station via the Honeymoon Track, then, after a short distance along the rail line, down along Temptation Creek for several kilometers, then Saville Creek to Loftus Stration.

RQI:- 90

Highlights:- Kangaroo creek at its tidal limit; Audley Recreation Area; beautiful valley of Temptation Creek

Negatives :- Nil 

Length:- 12.3 km.

Grade:- Easy to Medium

Weather:_All weather except when Kangaroo Creek and Hacking River are in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops and 20 mins. At Audley for morning tea:- 3 hrs 38 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 52 mins.; every 30 mins.

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 47 mins.; every 30 mins 

Total Climb :- 300 m.

Total Descent :- 370 m.

Water:- Engadine, Audley, Loftus

Toilets:- Audley; Engadine and Loftus Stations (probably locked)

Café/Kiosk :- Engadine and Loftus shops; Audley 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Port Hacking


Walk No 38 Track Notes

Engadine to Loftus via Audley


Km./Hrs.min.                           Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.0/0.00         Leave Engadine railway station platform by eastern (National Park side) stairs and cross railway service road at right angles to an unsignposted bush track ( the Engadine Track) and follow this

0.05/0.01      Track junction; walking track intersects wider cycle/walking track; turn right and follow this for about 100 to a 4-way track junction just after a storm water retarding basin with large sandstone boulders next to railway corridor on right

0.22/0.03      At 4-way track junction; take middle track straight ahead signaged:- ‘Audley 5.8 km and ‘Walkers Only- No Bicycles’

0.49/0.07       Extensive laterite outcrops on track

0.57/0.08       Service road X junction- cross at right angles, continue on foot pad signaged:- ‘ Audley’ and ’Walkers Only’

0.62/0.09      Track T junction with wider bicycle trail; (no signage); turn right here and follow bicycle trail for about 20 m. to a walking track on left with signboard:-‘ Audley 5.3 km’ and’ Walkers Only’ turn left and follow bush track.

0.90/0.15       Extensive stands of Gymea lilies and healthy bush

0.94/0.16       Small creek- Goarra Rill crossing

1.18/0.19       Track X junction with service road – cross at right angles, continue on foot pad

1.34/0.20       Extensive laterite indicates prolonged weathering of ancient                            plateau.

1.75/0.25       Gentle descent towards creek

1.82/0.27       Forest Brook crossing, creek bed solid sandstone

2.05/0.31      Track X intersection with fire trail and signage:-‘Engadine’ backtrack, ‘Heathcote’ to the right on service road and ‘Audley’ straight on along walking track

2.27/0.36      Four way track intersection with service road at small clearing with prominent signage to Heathcote, Audley and back to Engadine; turn left and follow foot track towards Audley;

3.92/1.09      Track T junction; track on left goes down to Engadine Creek near its confluence with Kangaroo Creek; continue straight for about 10 m on rock outcrop then back on clear track down to Kangaroo Creek

4.00/1.10       Solid sandstone bed of Kangaroo Creek with Engadine Creek                          confluence on left; very special location, with tidal limit just downstream; from the track exit, walk upstream for approx. 25 meters to an easy jump across Kangaroo Creek; before crossing, look at valley side slightly upstream and note metal steps; after                       crossing, negotiate boulders in creek bed, heading slightly  upstream to find track that leads to the metal steps.

4.13/1.14       Top of several sets of metal steps, track heads south along top of                     cliff

4.21/1.16       Another three sets of metal steps

4.77/1.25       Track T junction with metal signboard:-‘Audley 500 m.’ straight on

5.03/1.31       In bed of small creek

5.12/1.37       Track T junction with metal signboard:-‘ Audley 200 m.’ straight on)

5.26/1.38       Track exits at eastern edge of Audley recreation area; good map info., toilet block.

5.35/1.39       Middle of timber bridge crossing Hacking River; turn left, head towards café

5.46/1.40       At café in Audley Recreation Area; 20 minute morning tea

5.46/2.00      Resume walking; go downstream through the car park towards Audley Weir and cross this.

5.75/2.02      Middle of Audley Weir; turn right immediately after crossing and walk towards two toilet blocks on left and a signboard with track on left, just before the first toilet block.

5.85/2.03       At signboard:-‘ Honeymoon Steps 1km.’ take steps up.

6.83/2.20       Top of Honeymoon Steps; walk straight ahead past the park administration building on your right and past a large car park, also on right to a service road/ entry road to car park.

7.04/2.23       At service road/entry to car park; cross this at right angles and follow a walking track for about 20 m. to Audley Railway platform; walk about half-way along the platform and then veer right down onto a service road that runs parallel to the tracks.

7.12/2.24       At service road, turn left and walk along this for about 400 m. past a 1.5X2.5 m maintenance hut on left and a track junction about 20 m. after this hut.

7.50/2.27       At track junction with NPWS post; turn right and follow walking/cycle track downhill; take care with bicycles, especially on a weekends

7.91/2.33       Track junction just before a creek crossing (Temptation Creek); turn right, leaving the main track and follow track down along the right bank of Temptation Creek, creek on left.

7.98/2.35       Old dam wall about 2 m. high; probably used as a water source for steam      trains.

8.42/2.40       Track crosses small gully entering from right; after crossing, ignore faint track joining from right; continue along right bank of Temptation Creek.

8.75/2.45       Cross Temptation Creek at right angles on large boulders; easy crossing; track continues along the left bank, T. Creek now on right.

9.01/2.49       Track crosses gully entering from left; T. Creek still on right; extensive stands of Gymea Lilly.

9.37/2.53       Walking track T junction with service road where service road crosses T. Creek about 10 m. on right; turn left here and walk about 25 m. along the service road to a galvanized metal pole on right; turn right at the pole and walk along walking track with T. Creek still on right.

9.57/2.57      Walking track at rapids and waterfall in Temptation Creek; track crosses small gully entering from left, then goes a few meters along a rock ledge and then veers away from Temptation Creek; track becomes gradually steeper, then braided over rocky ridge between Temptation and Saville Creeks;

9.72/3.01      Track T junction at top of ridge with more established walking track; turn right here and follow track past another galvanized metal pole after about 25 m. and then a track junction with a track uphill on left just before a large boulder; continue straight along main track.

10.46/3.12    At low flat muddy area next to Saville Creek on right with houses on other side and multiple tracks leading off on right; keep left, ignoring all track to the right.

10.76/3.17    Track crosses small gully entering from left; about 20 m. after crossing there is a track junction with track on left marked by a stone cairn; turn left and follow this initially rubbly track uphill..

10.89/3.20    Track veers left of low cliff line and continues more gently up; continue straight along this main track-it is mostly 1.5-2 m. wide.

11.02/3.22    Ignore minor track on right.

11.29/3.25    Ignore minor track on right.

11.37/3.26    Ignore minor track on left

11.44/3.27    Major walking track X junction; continue straight on to a creek crossing about 50 m. after junction

11.50/3.28    Walking track T junction with service road; turn right and follow service road to a locked gate and major traffic arterial road (Princes Highway)

11.72/3.30    At locked gate; now cross Princes Highway with care using the wide median strip.

11.76/3.31    On other side of Princes Highway, turn left and follow highway on wide bike/breakdown lane to the end of concrete kerb and earth cutting on your right

11.90/3.33    At end of concrete kerb; take walking track on right over a ditch onto a sealed recreational side road; turn left and follow this uphill.

12.00/3.34 At a broad bend in recreational road to the right, turn left, walk over grassy slope to divided Rawson Ave.; cross Rawson Ave. at right angles, then turn left and follow Rawson Ave. to Pitt St.; at Pitt St. turn right and follow it to Loftus Railway Station

12.27/3.38    Loftus Railway Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:-             0.94 km./8%

On locked service/fire trails:-          0.65 km./ 5%

On walking tracks:-                           10.64 km./ 87%