Walk No. 36C


Walk 36 C At A Glance :-Heathcote Circuit or To Engadine via Audley

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track with the option to bypass Audley, therby decreasing the walk by 1.2 km with the added option of finishing either back at Heathcote or at Engadine. The walk goes along the Karloo track across Kangaroo Creek and up to Uloola Falls, then along the Karloo Track to Audley via Robertson Roundabout, then from Audley on the Engadine Track to another crossing of Kangaroo Creek and uphill to finish either at Heathcote or Engadine.

RQI:-   To Heathcote 90; to Engadine 98

Highlights:- Karloo Pool, Kangaroo Creek near its tidal limit, ridge walk along Karloo Track via Whale Rocks; Audley recrearion Area on Hacking River

Negatives :- Nil

Length:- to Heathcote 15. 5 km, to Engadine 15 km., both via Audley

Grade:- Medium 

Weather:_Mostly all weather except when Kangaroo Creek crossings in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- Both options about 4 hrs 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 55 mins. Every 30 mins.

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 52 mins. Every 30 mins.

Total Climb :- 430 m. 

Total Descent :- 430 m.

Water:- Heathcote, Audley, Engadine

Toilets:- Heathcote and Engadine Stations but probably locked; Audley

Café/Kiosk :- Heathcote and Engadine Townships; Audley 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Port Hacking.


Walk No 36 C Track Notes

Heathcote Circuit or to Engadine via Audley

29th July 2012

Km./ Hrs. min.                    Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Heathcote Railway Station; leave platform on eastern (National Park) side; cross car park to Wilson Parade; turn right and follow Wilson Parade for about 100 meters to a sign board indicating            Karloo Track on left; ‘Uloola Falls 5 km;Karloo’; ‘Pool 2.5 km’; ‘Audley 9 km’ take this track that initially follows the rear fence line of the Rural Bushfire Depot and houses; there are several sub-parallel track that merge into one.

0.34/0.05       After about 200 meters another sign board ‘Karloo Track ‘;                                        veer right to leave main track; follow Karloo Track

0.97/0.13       Creek Crossing

2.47/0.39      Kangaroo Creek/ Karloo Pool; at metal sign cross Kangaroo Creek at right angles and walk downstream for approx. 30 meters to a another metal signboard :- ‘Audley 6.3 km’ on right where Karloo track continues uphill.

2.85/0.47       Track junction; ignore track on right; continue straight up on rubbly track

4.69/1.13       Uloola Creek crossing

4.73/1.14      Clearing with track intersections and new metal signs; turn left where            sign indicates ‘Audley 4.6 km’

5.57/1.26      Elephant rocks and city skyline

7.41/1.51       Track junction and sign board; right track goes to Audley via Wattle                           Forest and boring walk along sealed road; continue on track straight                              ahead

8.62/2.09      Robertson Roundabout- take right track to Audley; left track goes to                            Engadine

9.23/2.20       Other side of Robertson Roundabout; take right hand track to Audley

9.30/2.23       Western edge of Audley Recreation Area and Hacking River

9.39/2.24       Middle of timber bridge over Hacking River

9.65/2.27      At Audley Cafe; back track to Robertson Roundabout

9.91/2.33       At Roberson Roundabout; signboard:-Engadine 5.1 km’; take this track on right

10.26/2.41    Track junction; left track goes back to Uloola Falls; go straight ahead; at bottom of last set of stairs near Kangaroo Creek, walk downstream about 20 meters, then turn left and cross Creek at right angles

( If opting to bypass Audley, re-join here)

11.02/2.54    At Kangaroo Creek; cross at right angles over rocks, then walk                                      downstream for approx. 20 metres to a track on left signposted                              ‘Engadine Track’, follow this uphill 12.09/3.14    Minor creek crossing

12.49/3.22    Top of ridge; start of rolling plateau with much laterite (weathered shale bed?

12.73/3.26    Track crossed at right angles by fire trail at clearing; signage :-                                                ‘Heathcote’ on foot track straight ahead; take this

12.90/3.29    Track junction with option here to finish the walk either at Heathcote or at Engadine  Track crossed by another fire trail; signage:- ‘Engadine’ on foot track straight ahead and ‘Heathcote’   left on fire trail; turn left and follow fire trail for Heathcote or go straight ahead on foot track for Engadine

For Heathcote Option

12.90/3.29    Go left and follow fire trail

13.14/3.32    Track split; both track lead to Heathcote; this walk takes the right track

13.61/3.36   Track junction behind Heathcote houses; go left and walk along wide                           clearing behind houses

14.22/3.46    Four way track junction at car park and sealed road on right; signage:- Bottle Forest Track; Audley 4.5 km.’ back track; track crossed at right angles by another track that follows an approx 40 meter wide clearing behind houses; continue straight past locked gates

15.26/3.56    Back at Karloo Track turnoff

15.52/4.01    Heathcote railway Station; end of walk

For Engadine Option

12.90/3.29    Continue straight on foot pad signaged ‘Engadine’

13.10/3.32    Track crosses prominent creek

13.80/3.40    Track junction with fire trail; cross at right angles and follow walking track signaged ‘ no bicycles’

14.37/3.47    Track junction with bicycle track and signage ‘Audley 5.3 km’ backtrack and Engadine 0.7 km/ straight ahead but turn right and follow the bicycle track for about 25 meters to a walking track on left with signage ‘Walkers Only’

14.75/3.54    Four way track junction with signage ‘Audley 5.8 km’ backtrack; go straight on service road parallel to railway lines past a stormwater basin on left and signage ‘ Engadine 0.2 km’ and after about 100 meters take the walking track on left directly to Engadine Station

15.00/ 3.57   Engadine Station; end of walk

Option:- The length of this walk can be decreased by 1.2 kilometres and approximately a half hour less in walking time by not going to Audley. To do this, follow the Engadine Track on the left and not the Audley Track on right at the first Robertson Roundabout sign (8.62 km from Heathcote) and re-join the via Audley walk at 10.26 km intersection 

Route Quality- Heathcote Circuit

On public vehicular road:-   0.36 km; 1%

On locked service/fire trail:-            2.74 km; 19%

On walking track:-                 12.43 km; 80 %

TQI= 80+10+0=90

Route Quality- Heathcote to Engadine

On public vehicular road:-   0.36 km;2%

On locked service/fire trail:-            0.15 km; 1%

On walking track:-                 14.49 km; 97%

TQI= 97+1+0= 98