Walk No. 36A


Walk 36 A:- Heathcote to Engadine via Bottle Forest and along Kangaroo Creek   At A Glance


Route Summary:- This walk follows a fire trail for about 1.3 km. at the rear of houses from Heathcote Station to the end of Bottle Forest Road, then turns right past locked gate into Bottle Forest, still on fire trail for about another 1.5 km. to the start of a walking track steeply down to Kangaroo Creek. The walk then goes partly off track, partly on faint track downstream along Kangaroo Creek for about 2.5 km with five creek re-crossings to sides where easier walking. Near its tidal limit Kangaroo creek is crossed by the Engadine Track and the walk goes left uphill along the Engadine Track to Engadine Station

RQI:-   84

Highlights:-   Rustic descent to Kangaroo Creek; pools along beautiful Kangaroo Creek with chance to walk off track to its tidal limit 

Negatives :- About 2.8 km at start is on fire trails; Walk 36 B is similar in route and length but much superior

Length:- 9.8 km. 

Grade:- Medium

Weather:_This walk should not be attempted after heavy rain and/or when Kangaroo Creek is in flood.

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 3 hrs 23 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 55 mins. Every 30 mins. 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 52 mins, every 30 mins.

Total Climb :- 225 m.

Total Descent :- 235 m.

Water:- Heathcote and Engadine Stations

Toilets:- at railway stations, but probably locked

Café/Kiosk :- Heathcote and Engadine townships

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Port Hacking


Walk No 36 A Track Notes

Heathcote to Engadine Via Bottle Forest and along Kangaroo Creek

11/12/2012; updated 30/10/2016


Km/Hrs.min                                        Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      At Heathcote railway station; cross car park to Wilson Parade; turn right and follow this past the Sutherland Shire Emergencies Centre on the left to an open gate on Wilson Parade

0.10/0.02       Walk past open gate for about 10 m to signage on the left:- ‘Karloo Track’; turn left and follow the walking track that goes behind houses

0.54/0.08       Track junction and signage:- Karloo Track’ on right- ignore this and continue straight behind houses

0.71/0.10       Track junction; ignore track on right ; continue straight.

1.34/0.17      Walk past locked gate to vehicle turning and parking area at end of Bottle Forest Road;       there are three locked gates here; turn right and walk past locked gate to signage:- Bottle Forest- Kangaroo Creek 2.2 km ‘; on fire trail

2.10/0.26      Track junction and signage:- ‘Audley’ track left; ignore this and take the unsignposted firetrail on right; note extensive insitu laterite along track

2.83/0.36       Turning circle at end of fire trail; walking track starts at ‘No Bicycles’ sign on the right hand side of turning circle; follow this track steeply down to Kangaroo Creek

3.27/0.50       At Kangaroo Creek; turn left and follow Kangaroo Creek on faint track along the left bank; continue on current bedded outcrop along left bank; large extended pool on right; sporadic hint of walking track; track goes above low creek overhang; track at rapids with wide outcrop

3.60/0.59       Good Creek crossing on wide outcrop; cross to right bank and continue over boulders with large pool on left.

3.72/1.04       At end of large pool continue along right bank; track then either on current bedded outcrop or on walking track about 15 m. from Creek all on right bank

4.51/1.17       Cross to left bank on wide outcrop near the apex of Yalla Ridge to a clear walking track; after some rapids, faint track is less clear as it goes along Creek flood channel; right bank looks inhospitable

4.68/1.24       Easy crossing here of K. Ck but staying on left bank; hint of track; large pool on right; squeeze around overhang.

4.87/1.30       Cross to right bank on wide outcrop; hint of walking track visible on rt. bank; track obscure over rocks but reappears, generally 10-15 m. from Creek; stay on right

5.11/1.39       Track continues on right bank above overhang now marked with bunting

5.57/1.49       Right bank track reaches wide sandstone outcrop Creek bed at bend; cross to left bank and follow track; note cliff with rope over pool on right bank

5.90/1.56       Track goes down to Creek for easy but slippery crossing to right bank; hint of walking track visible on right bank; marked with bunting; climb to top of low cliff and follow clear track to Engadine Track

6.20/2.03      Kangaroo Creek is crossed here by the Engadine Track; Signage:- Engadine Track’ on left; 20 minutes time out for morning tea

6.20 /2.23      Leave Kangaroo Creek and resume walk uphill on the Engadine Track

7.06/2.45       Top of steeper climb on Engadine Track; now more gentle climb on open spur

7.27 /2.48      Signage:- ‘Audley’ and arrow beside track; no track junction here- continue along this gentle spur with laterite underfoot and open undergrowth with numerous Gymea Lillies and large trees

7.49 /2.51     Track junction with fire trail and signage:- ‘Audley’ track back; ‘Heathcote’ crosses fire trail at right angles; no directions for Engadine; take the Heathcote track, walk past the ‘no bicycles’ sign

7.75/2.55      Track junction with fire trail and signage:-Engadine’ track crosses firetrail at right angles to ‘No bicycles’ sign

7.95/2.58       Track crosses prominent creek on sandstone outcrop

8.62/3.06       Track junction with fire trail; cross at right angles and follow walking track with ‘No Bicycles’ sign

8.87/3.10       Track crosses minor creek

9.20 /3.13     Track junction with bicycle track and signage:- Audley 5.3 km’ on track back; ‘Engadine 0.7 km’ straight ahead but turn right and follow bike track for about 25m to a walking track on the left with signage:-Walkers Only’

9.23 /3.15      Track junction with firetrail and signage:- ‘Engadine’ on timber post; cross fire trail at right angles

9.56 /3.20     Multiple track junction with signage:-Audley 5.8 km’ back; track on left is ‘closed’ ;track      on right ‘bicycles’; go straight past sign:- Engadine 0.2 km’ past stormwater dam beside railway line on left

9.66 /3.21      Track junction with signage :- ‘Audley’ back track; turn left here with Engadine Station straight in front

9.79/3.23      Engadine Railway Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:               0.1 km/ 1%

On locked service/fire trails:-          2.73 km/23%

On walking tracks:-                           7.16 km./ 72%

RQI= 72+12+0=84