Walk No. 33


Walk 33:- Heathcote to Waterfall via Uloola Falls At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk follows the well used Karloo Track down to Karloo Pool in Kangaroo Creek, then goes up still on the now less used but still obvious Karloo Track to Uloola Falls, then along the ridge on the Uloola Fire Trail to Waterfall Station.

RQI:-   72

Highlights:- Rock formations; Karloo Pool and Kangaroo cree; Uloola Falls

Negatives :- About 5 km. on ridge top fire trail

Length:- 10.7 km.

Grade:- Easy to Medium

Weather:_All weather except when Kangaroo Creek in flood and too high to cross

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 2 hrs 10 min. 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 55 mins. Every 30 mins.

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr. every 30 mins. 

Total Climb :- 180 m.

Total Descent :- 150 m.

Water:- Heathcote and Waterfgall 

Toilets:- Heathcote (probably locked) and Waterfall

Café/Kiosk :- Heathcote, single shop at Waterfall

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Campbelltown, Port Hacking, Otfod, Appin


Walk 33 Track Notes

Heathcote to Waterfall via Uloola Falls


Km./Hrs.min                                   Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00       Leave Heathcote Station on the National Park side, cross car park and turn right onto sealed public road and walk past Heathcote Rural Fire Service buildings, past a lockable gate to a signboard on left.

0.10/0.01       At signboard :- ‘ Karloo Track’ ; ‘ Karloo Pool 2.5 km’ and ‘Audley 9.0 km’; turn left and follow walking track over rocks- it becomes a service trail within a few meters.

0.35/0.04      Track junction and signboard on right:- ‘ Karloo Track’ ; ‘Karloo Pool 2.0 km’ and ‘ Uloola falls 4.5 km’ ; turn hard right, leaving the service road

0.55/0.07       Track joins on left; continue straight on wide track

0.91/0.12       Heathcote Creek crossing and track Y junction just after crossing; continue straight, shortly on massive sandstone outcrops

1.76/0.23       After walking more or less on contour or gently down, track from here is more steeply down on ridge.

2.44/0.32      Track intersects Kangaroo creek just upstream of Karloo Pool; signboard on right before crossing and metal arrowed post on other side of Creek; cross Kangaroo Creek to arrowed post, then turn left and walk downstream for about 30 m to another signboard on right:- ‘Uloola Falls 2.0 km’ take the track on right up the ridge and away from Kangaroo Creek; this track is a little obscure at the start, but then becomes easy to follow, assisted by lines of white paint and older red and yellow paint on rocks.

2.82/0.40       Track junction; ignore track on right; continue straight up on rubbly track

4.63/1.04      Track crosses Uloola Creek just upstream of Uloola Falls; about 15m after crossing, signboard:- ‘ Heathcote via Karloo Pool 4.5 km’ backtrack and ‘ Waterfall 5.8 km’ straight on; continue straight for about 15 m to a clearing with multiple signage and toilets; continue straight through clearing to a walking track gently uphill

4.81/1.09      After climbing over a low cliff, walking track emerges at a turning circle and service road on right with signage– ‘Uloola Fire Trail’ and ‘Waterfall 5.5 km’; follow the fire trail uphill

7.12/1.34       Abundant laterite on trail

9.56/1.58      Fire trail junction with walking track on right and signage:-              ‘ Couranga Track’ on left, ‘Waterfall 1 km’ straight on, and ‘ Uloola Falls 5.8 km’ backtrack; continue straight.

10.04/2.03    Fire trail ends at locked gate and oval/ playing field; continue straight across this grassy field to an arrowed post and walking track on the other side

10.14/2.04    At arrowed post and walking track

10.36/2.07    Faint track on right; ignore this

10.48/2.08    Walking pad on right goes to Upper Kangaroo Creek; ignore this; continue straight

10.55/2.09    Waterfall Station car park; cross the car park by veering left, then right to Waterfall Station.

10.70/2.10    Waterfall Station

Route Quality Index

On public road:- 0.25 km/ 2%; on locked service/fire trail 5.48 km, 52%; on walking track:- 4.96 km, 46 %; RQI= 46+26+0= 72