Walk No. 30




Walk 30:- Waterfall to Engadine via full length of Kangaroo Creek  

                              At A Glance

Route Summary :-This walk follows Kangaroo Creek from its source at Waterfall to its tidal interface where it is crossed by the Engadine Track;

It then goes up along the Engadine Track to Engadine Station

RQI:-   100

Highlights:-   This is a truly classic bushwalk the follows Kangaroo Creek from its source to its tidal interface ; No part of this walk is on public road or fire trail- it is off-track, or on faint track, or in rocky creek bed ; it passes large pools, mini canyons and diverse ecology.

Negatives :- Nil

Length:- 14.6 kilometers 

Grade:- Hard

Weather:_Do not attempt this walk after heavy rain when Kangaroo Creek is in flood

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops and 18 minute lunch stop:- 6 hours 20 minutes 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr. 0 mins T4 Line, every 30 minutes

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 52 minutes T4 Line, every 30 minutes 

Total Climb :- 185 meters

Total Descent :- 215 meters

Water:- Waterfall Station

Toilets:- Waterfall Station; Engadine Station, but probably locked

Café/Kiosk :- Engadine shops

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Appin , Otford and Port Hacking


Walk No 30 Track Notes

Waterfall to Engadine via full length Kangaroo Creek

21/05/2013; partly updated 30/10/16


Km./Hrs.min                                        Kilometers in bold are shown on map 

0.00/0.00      Waterfall Station; walk up ramp, turn left, walk across middle of car park to fence opening and steps down to signage

0.09/0.01       At base of steps beside car park, two signs:- ‘Royal National Park’ in timber and       new metal ‘Uloola Falls Track’ ; follow this for about 80 m.

0.18/0.03      After crossing two small rock outcrops on Uloola Falls Track and just before a third rock outcrop (actually two outcrops about 1 m apart), look for a faint track             or foot pad, at right angles on the left; (note there is another clearer track on the left about 40 m further along the Uloola Track- this is the wrong track and leads within 50 m to a strange seemingly abandoned camp site; do not take this track)

0.36/0.08       Track (foot pad) junction on left; go straight, gently downhill

0.72/0.15       Track (foot pad) junction; go right and follow track down low cliff line to        headwater of Kangaroo Creek; follow track on left bank downstream (K creek on right)

0.89/0.18       Track at indistinct crossing of K. Creek; find clear walking pad on other side and resume downstream, with K. Creek now on left

1.16/0.23       Still on good clear walking pad with K. Ck. immediately on left; gently down hill

1.39/0.25       Creek joins from right; beautiful location with small gorge and waterfall in Kangaroo Creek

1.56/0.28       Still on clear footpad with K. Creek on right; a few strategic yellow painted arrows on rock indicate track

1.79/0.30       as above; yellow bunting on tree

2.03/0.32       Now level with K. Ck bed; crossing small ck. gully; enters from right

2.24/0.38       No visible track but walk on rock outcrop in/next to K.Ck bed for about 20 m where track resumes right next to K Ck.

2.31/0.40       Substantial creek joins from right; cross at right angles on yellow arrow and cairn.

2.37/0.42      Main waterfall in K. Ck; about 10-12 m drop with substantial pool below; track deteriorates from here with no more painted yellow arrows

2.38/0.43       Walking pad leads uphill from waterfall with pool in K. Ck. on l

2.44/0.50       End of clearly defined and continuous walking pad,; continue downstream along the right bank with K. Ck on left or along Creek bed; fairly easy walking

2.79/0.58       On walking pad beside pool and K. Ck on left; pristine location

3.00 /1.05      Walking pad emerges at 4-5 m waterfall in K. Ck. at open rocky area and open valley; from here walk downstream on rocks in or beside K. Ck bed

3.26 /1.11      No track; rough progress over boulders and thick scrub on right bank, K. Ck on left

3.41 /1.15      Creek on left; hint of walking pad, very clear in sections

3.57/1.18       Creek (gully) joins K. Ck from right; still on walking pad;

3.80/1.22       Walking pad continues along right bank, K. Ck on left but is lost when it passes over rocks.

3.84/1.23       Walk downstream for about 50 m on rock outcrop in or beside K. Creek bed

3.89/1.24       Creek (gully) joins from right; on clear walking pad

3.99/1.27       Walking pad ends at wide and continuous sandstone outcrop; follow this downstream for about 100 m in or beside Creek bed; approx. 6 m high cliff along             right bank

4.02/1.28       On right bank; walking pad lost or faint; reasonably easy walking

4.21/1.31       Now on clear walking pad; large pool in K. Ck on left

4.43/1.39       Track lost on long outcrop in K. Ck bed/bank; walk on outcrop; follow             downstream

4.54/1.40       Resume on right bank beside K. Ck.; no track

4.60/1.42       Another approx. 100 m continuous rock outcrop in/beside K. Ck bed; follow this downstream

4.70/1.44       K.Ck now on small gorge; stay above this on right bank; hint of track

4.71 /1.45      Small cairn of stones under low cliff; clearer foot pad resumes here; still on right bank, K. Ck on left

4.74/1.49       Foot pad now back at K.Ck. level, crosses creek (gully) entering from right.

5.14/2.07       Substantial creek (gully) joins K. Ck. from right

5.21/2.10       On right bank of K. Ck., opposite confluence with Cridland Brook;

5.30/2.13       Off track; fairly tough walking over large boulders and thick tough scrub in or near K. Creek bed; sporadic hint of foot pad on right bank

5.40/2.15       On rock outcrop in K. Creek bed, then resume on right bank, K. Ck. on left; thick scrub and boulders as above

5.62/2.22       Clear walking pad for several hundred meters fairly high on right bank, K Ck. on left

5.95/2.29       Still on foot pad to this point, now back at K.Ck level; now walk on rock outcrop downstream in or beside K. Ck. bed for 100-150 m.

Note:- For the next 400 m before and after the confluence of Goondera Brook with Kangaroo Creek walking is hard, through tough scrub, flood debris and over boulders; average walk speed down to around 1 km/hr; it helps to briefly cross to the left bank of K. Creek then back to the right bank, all before the confluence of Goondera Brook

6.12/2.36       In K. Ck. bed; cross to left bank, K. Ck on right to avoid cliff on right bank and walk on the inside of the Creek meander (bend)

6.23/2.39       Cross back to right bank, K.Ck on left and walk through thick scrub                 fairly high above K. Creek; tough walking here

6.48/2.49       On right bank of K. Ck. opposite confluence with Goondera Brook on opposite side

6.57/2.53       Next to and on right bank of K. Ck; tough walking over boulders, flotsam and thick scrub

6.88/3.03      Track junction; Heathcote- Uloola Falls Track crosses Kangaroo Creek here; signage; Karloo Pool is about 25m downstream of the track crossing; 18 mins time out

6.88/3.21       Resume walking; now follow good walking pad along the left bank of Kangaroo Creek, Creek on right;

7.96/3.48       Track junction with Bottle Forest Track; continue on current bedded outcrop along left bank; large extended pool on right; hint of walking track; track goes above low creek overhang; track at rapids with wide outcrop

8.29/3.57       Good Creek crossing on wide outcrop; cross to right bank and continue over boulders with large pool on left.

8.41/4.02       At end of large pool on left; continue along right bank; track then either on current bedded outcrop or on walking track about 15 m. from Creek all on right bank

9.20/4.15       Cross to left bank on wide outcrop near the apex of Yalla Ridge to a clear walking track; after some rapids, faint track is less clear as it goes along Creek flood channel; right bank looks inhospitable

9.37/4.22       Easy crossing here of K. Ck but staying on left bank; hint of track; large pool on right; squeeze around overhang.

9.56/4.28       Cross to right bank on wide outcrop; hint of walking track visible on rt. Bank; track obscure over rocks but reappears, generally 10-15 m. from Creek; stay on right

9.80/4.37       Track continues on right bank above overhang now marked with bunting

10.26/4.47    Right bank track reaches wide sandstone outcrop Creek bed at bend; cross to left bank and follow track; note cliff with rope over pool on right bank

10.59/4.54    Track goes down to Creek for easy but slippery crossing to right bank; hint of walking track visible on right bank; marked with bunting; climb to top of low cliff and follow clear track to Engadine Track

10.81/5.02    Signage:- Engadine Track’ on left; 21 minutes time out for lunch

10.81/5.23    Leave Kangaroo Creek and resume walk uphill on the Engadine Track

11.88/5.43    Top of steeper climb on Engadine Track; now more gentle climb on open spur

12.09/5.46    Signage:- Audley’ and arrow beside track; no track junction here- continue along this gentle spur with laterite underfoot and open undergrowth with numerous Gymea Lillies and large trees

12.47 /5.49   Track junction with fire trail and signage:- Audley’ track back; ‘Heathcote’ crosses fire trail at right angles; no directions for Engadine; take the Heathcote track, walk past the ‘no bicycles’sign

12.57 /5.53   Track junction with fire trail and signage:-Engadine’ track crosses firetrail at right angles to ‘No bicycles’ sign

12.77 /5.56   Track crosses prominent creek on sandstone outcrop

13.44 /6.04   Track junction with fire trail; cross at right angles and follow walking track with        ‘No Bicycles’ sign

13.69 /6.08   Track crosses minor creek

13.92/6.11    Track junction with bicycle track and signage:- ‘Audley 5.3 km’ on track back; ‘Engadine 0.7 km’ straight ahead but turn right and follow bike track for about 25m to a walking track on the left with signage:-Walkers Only’

14.05 /6.13   Track junction with firetrail and signage:- ‘Engadine’ on timber post; cross fire trail at right angles

14.38 /6.18   Multiple track junction with signage:-Audley 5.8 km’ back; track on left is ‘closed’ ;track on right ‘bicycles’; go straight past sign:- Engadine 0.2 km’ past stormwater dam beside railway line on left

14.48 /6.19   Track junction with signage :- ‘Audley’ back; turn left here with Engadine Station straight in front

14.60/6.21    Engadine Railway Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

Off track or on walking track:- 99%

TQI= 100