Walk No. 20


Walk 20:- Point Clare to Woy Woy via Koolewong Ridge

At A Glance 

Route Summary:- This walk goes for about 1 km. along public roads at Point Clare, then on walking track up to Koolewong Ridge and along the Ridge on service road. There is a total 1 km side option on walking track to a waterfall. The descent to Woy Woy is on steep washed out service road to a busy public road, then along this for about 1 km. to Woy Woy Station

RQI:- 47

Highlights:- Spectacular views over Central Coast; interesting rock formations at waterfall

Negatives :- About 2 km of walk is along public vehicular roads and about 6 km is along service roads

Length:- 9.8 km

Grade:- Easy to Medium

Weather:_ All weather but take great care along steep descent from water reservoir near end 

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 2 hrs 40 min 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr 23 mins

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 15 mins; more frequent service including express

Total Climb :- 260 meters

Total Descent :- 260 meters

Water:- Woy Woy 

Toilets:- Woy Woy Station

Café/Kiosk :- Woy Woy 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Gosford


Walk 20 Track Notes

Point Clare to Woy Woy Via Koolewong Ridge


Km/Hrs.min                                               Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00      Leave Point Clare railway station and cross main road (Brisbane Warter Drive) at traffic lights and turn right; walk along the footpath next to Brisbane Water Drive past three roads entering from left to a low ridge

0.68/0.07       near top of low ridge, look for ‘Penang Street’ road sign high on telegraph follow this rather steeply uphill past Nangara Lane on left to the end of Penang St. at a turning circle.

1.05/0.14      At end of Penang St.; take the concrete steps to the left of a concrete driveway.

1.09/0.15       Concrete steps end at walking track; follow this uphill past a boulder sandstone outcrop on your left.

1.25/0.18       Track junction; ignore track on left- it goes to an adjacent lookout; veer right.

1.56/0.22      Walking track at turning circle for service road; follow service road; after 30 m., service road Y junction with road joining acutely from left; continue straight along spine of ridge.

2.13/0.29       Service road T junction; turn left and continue uphill

2.16/0.30       Concrete ramp at steep section of service road

2.28/0.32       Service road Y junction; ignore right- goes to power lines, veer left

2.34/0.33       Service road Y junction; ignore left- goes to power lines, veer right

2.89/0.40      Major service road X junction; signboard on right ‘Coollombine Creek Fire Trail’ to the right and left; water valves protected by concrete blocks; turn left, steeply down hill.

3.37/0.47       Top of ridge; water valve and concrete blocks; service road then steeply down; take great care- rock pebbles are like marbles.

3.58/0.52       On solid sandstone outcrop forming creek bed; road then steeply up

3.85/0.55       Service road Y junction; ignore left road, continue up.

4.09/0.58       Top of ridge; turning circle; valve with concrete blocks; service road Y junction; ignore road on right, continue straight.

4.32/1.02       Ignore service road on left- it goes to power lines; continue straight

4.42/1.03       Again ignore service road on left; continue straight

4.53/1.07      Road junction with Bambara Road on right (unsignposted); under power lines; signboard :- ‘ Brisbane Water National Park- Coorrumbine Creek fire Trail’ to the right and left; continue straight for about 150m to a flat sandy section of the fire trail where it is crossed by a sandstone outcrop; look for walking track on left

4.69/1.10       At walking track on left; take this; track goes between low sandstone blocks to a lookout after about 25m.

4.73/1.11       At lookout with spectacular view of Brisbane Water and rock ledge with aboriginal engraving about 10 m on right.

4.81/1.14       Investigating walking track on right; this initially goes along ridge line but then goes rather steeply down; this walking track was not followed to its end, and it is possible that it re-joins the service road after about 200 meters

4.90/1.15       Back at the service road; turn left

Note:- From here on there are two braided service roads, one older, one newer that re-intersect several times; always take the left option

5.00/1.18       Service road junction at power lines; go left on old service road; this shortly curves right and re-joins the newer service road.

5.21/1.21       gate and signboard:-‘ Koolewong Fire Trail’; continue straight

5.39/1.26      Service track junction and signage on left on galvanized metal pike:- 828/3F– this probably refers to the number of a power pole;

Side walk to waterfall:- turn right here and walk about 20 m down to the old service road, then turn turn right and follow the old service road for about 20 m to a washed out service road on left; turn left and follow this down to the power lines and cross these at right angles to a walking track

5.55/1.32       Under power lines; continue down on walking track to creek

5.71/1.35       Track at massive sandstone forming creek bed; cross creek and follow walking track downstream, now on right bank of creek.

5.74/1.37       Track emerges at a long solid sandstone outcrop that form the creek bed; walk along outcrop for about 150 m to the edge of waterfall

5.87/1.40      At waterfall; fall about 10 m, sub-vertical on solid sandstone; note intense potholing before waterfall; possible lunch stop; then re-trace your steps back up to the newer service road with 828/3F metal pike

6.36/1.50      Back at newer service road; turn right and follow service road.

6.63/1.56       Service road Y junction; go left

6.75/1.58       Service road X junction; veer left , more steeply uphill

6.81/2.00       Near top of ridge at edge of escarpment; spectacular view of Brisbane water with convenient rock shelf as seat; continue straight after viewing.

7.07/2.04       Service road Y junction on right with power lines just to the right; continue straight.

7.34/2.08       Service road Y junction; go left, gently uphill.

7.58/2.10       Lower service road re-joins on right.

7.83/2.13       Service road Y junction almost under power lines; go left

7.92/2.15       Service road ends at gate in fence around major water reservoir; go left at gate and follow walking pad beside fence to a large communications tower.

7.99/2.17      At communications tower, go left and take an old washed out service road that joins from the right; continue steeply down with care.

8.42/2.22       Locked gate; service road now very steep requiring great care, especially when wet.

8.54/2.25       Service road curves sharply right; note house on flat area to the left.

8.64/2.29      Service road ends at rail lines; signboard on right:- ‘Brisbane Water National Park’; turn right and walk down to a sealed public road at waters edge, then turn left, walk under rail lines and Brisbane Water Drive to steps leading up to a footway to the left of Brisbane Water Drive.

8.73/2.30       On footway; follow this to Woy Woy railway station

9.80/2.41      Woy Woy railway station

 Route Quality Index

On public vehicular road:- 2.21km/ 22%;

On locked service/fire trail:- 6.15 km/63%;

On walking track:- 1.44km/ 15%

Route Quality Index:- 15+ 32+0= 47