Walk No. 2


Walk 2:- Gordon to Thornleigh At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is all on roads or track. From Gordon rail it goes for 0.85 km. along Gordon suburban streets, then for 1.75 km on walking track along Blackbutt Creek, then for 1.25 km. along Killara suburban streets to join the route of the Great North Walk along the Lane Cove River for the about the next 8 km, variously on walking tracks and service roads. It then leaves the Lane Cove River and goes up on walking track for 0.5 km. to Thornleigh oval and suburban streets, with the final 1 km. along Thornleigh streets

 RQI:- 62

Highlights:- Along Lane Cove River valley to its source

Negatives:- 2.9 km of this walk is along public vehicular roads; some slight air pollution at times from sewer next to upper section of Lane Cove River; numerous track junctions

Length:- 13.6 km

Grade:- Easy to Medium; all on track or road

Weather:_Several crossings of upper Lane Cove River- not suitable when in flood 

Time:- 3 hrs 23 mins. continuous walking

Train Time from Central to Start :- 35 minutes

Train Time to Centralfrom Finish :- 51 minutes 

Total Climb :- 190 m.

Total Descent :- 155 m.

Water:- at Gordon and Thornleigh; nil en route

Toilets:- as above 

Café/Kiosk :- nil en route

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Parramatta River and Hornsby


Walk No. 2 Track Notes  Gordon to Thornleigh

Sunday 9th December 2012


Km./Hrs.min.                                  Kilometers in bold are shown on map

                        Finding the Track:- Gordon Suburban Streets

0.00/0.00      At Gordon railway Station, take stairs up, turn left and walk down, cross the road and veer slightly left to the end of St Johns Street; walk uphill on St Johns St to the Pacific Highway

0.11/0.03       Cross Pacific Highway on traffic lights, turn right and walk along Highway in front of shops to Moree St., the first street on left.

0.17/0.04       Turn left on Moree St. and follow this downhill to its end

0.84/0.11       At the unsignposted T intersection with Vale St., turn right and walk about 50 meters down Vale St. to the start of the track on the left

                        Continue on Blackbutt Creek Bush Track

0.91/0.13      Gate and signage; ‘Blackbutt Creek Bush Track’; follow this 3-4 meter wide fire trail downhill, with blackbutt Creek on left

1.29/0.17       Continue on fire trail, ignoring minor track on right; cross Blackbutt Ck. Now on right

1.56/0.20       Track intersection with signage; ‘St Johns Ave.’ track on left, ‘Kiparra St’track on right; continue to follow fire trail straight downhill

2.55/0.30       Fire trail veers right and goes steeply downhill

2.59/0.31       Track intersection; signage; tiny signs on left of track ‘Gordon’ back; ‘Killara’             straight on ; ‘Blue Hole- Lane Cove River’ track on right; take track on right and immediately cross Blackbutt Ck. on concrete causeway, turn right and follow track up the creek bank for about 60 meters to a locked gate beside Lady Game Drive

                        Continue on Killara Suburban Streets

2.66/0.33      At gate beside Lady Game Drive; cross this when safe and follow Lady Game Drive uphill on a wide walking shoulder to De Burgh St.- the first road on right.

2.98/0.37       At De Burght St., turn right and follow this to Beaumont St., the first road entering acutely on right.

3.22/0.40       At Beaumont St. intersection, turn hairpin (approx 160 degrees) right and follow Beaumont St to its end.

3.49/0.43       At end of Beaumont St. turn left into Blaxland Rd. and follow this to its end.

3.85/0.47      At end of Blaxland Rd., corner with Terrace Rd. on left, there is a gate on the right with signage ‘Allen Park’; this is basically a grassy lawn; cross it at right angle from the gate ( approx. 25 meters) to a wide fire trail.

                        Continue on The Great North Walk

Note:- Although detailed notes for this portion of the walk are given below, there is adequate signage and there are numerous strategically placed Great North Walk arrowed posts to make detailed notes up to Thornleigh Oval at 12.58 Km superfluous. Between 9.74 km and 11.75 km there are no arrowed posts but as there are no other tracks in this interval it is very hard to get lost

3.89/0.48       Approx. 15 meters along the fire trail prominent signage ‘Lady Game National Park- Great North Walk 100 meters’ ; follow this wide trail steeply downhill.

3.97/0.50      Track junction at base of steep descent; signage; ‘De Burghs Bridge- Great North Walk’ straight ahead, ‘Terrace Road’ back up hill; ignore the surprisingly unsignaged track on left- it is part of the Great North Walk but continue straight downhill

4.07/0.52       large diameter pipe crossing creek straight ahead; Great North Walk (GNW) arrowed post indicates turn left; track narrows considerably here to a single file walking track; follow this down hill.

4.15/0.55       Creek crossing on boulders and insitu rock; follow GNW arrowed post after crossing.

4.27/0.57       Track junction; ignore track on left, follow GNW arrowed post uphill

4.34/1.00       Track junction and signage; ‘Lane Cove River Weir 5.7 km’ and ‘Thornleigh Station via GNW 7.0 km ‘veering downhill on left; take this.

4.44/1.03      Directly under major De Burgh Bridge; Lane Cove River on left; walking upstream

4.78/1.07       Track junction with signage; track on right ‘Ryde Road West Pymble 300 meters’     ignore this; ‘Great North Walk’ arrows in both directions; go straight; good walking track here with L.C. River on left.

4.98/1.10       Old concrete sewer? bridge over gully on left; track crosses smaller bridge over gully and widens to fire trail.

5.07/1.12       Current construction area and wide access road goes uphill on right; ignore this but follow left turn down hill on GNW arrowed post beside construction fence; now narrow walking track.

5.36/1.17       Track now high on right bank with LC River on left

5.62/1.20      Crossing substantial creek on insitu sandstone (Quarry Creek?)

5.67/1.22       Track T junction with fire trail; gate to road visible uphill; turn left on GNW arrowed post

5.69/1.23       Walking pad on left leaves fire trail; take this on GNW arrowed post

6.10/1.29       Creek crossing on two timber bridges

6.11/1.30       Track junction; ignore track on left; follow track on GNW arrowed post gently uphill

6.28/1.32       Track junction; turn left on GNW arrowed post gently downhill

6.90/1.40       Track junction; major fire trail joins on right; follow GNW arrowed post straight on now wider track

7.01/1.42       Track crosses minor creek on concrete causeway; note sewer access towers and smell

7.12/1.44       Track junction; turn left on GNW arrowed post on now narrower track

7.16/1.45       Cross creek entering from right; track veers right after crossing; note 1.5 m high sewer inspection tower. Lane Cove River still on left

7.29/1.47       Track Y junction; follow GNW arrowed post left; ignore right

7.36/1.48       Timber walkway over ecologically sensitive site

7.58/1.52       Track T junction with fire trail; turn left on GNW arrowed post; high point with L.C.river well below on left

7.66/1.53      Track enters on right with gate visible uphill; continue straight

8.41/2.02       Several houses on right, almost next to track

8.46/2.03       Major track junction about 20 m after minor creek crossing; signage; ‘Bradley Reserve’; turn left on GNW arrowed post and walk downhill

8.59/2.05       Ignore minor track on left; continue downhill on concrete paved track to major track junction and river crossing

8.90/2.09      Major track junction and signage; ‘Great North Walk’ with arrows; do not cross river but follow GNW arrow straight on now unpaved 2-3 m wide fire trail with river approx. 10 m on left; very pleasant section of walk.

9.18/2.12       Track T junction with fire trail; turn left on GNW arrowed post and cross minor creek

9.21/2.14       Track junction about 15 m after creek crossing; signage; ‘Step Track’ on right; this is an optional loop up to a reserve; ignore this; go straight on arrowed posts- now not GNW posts

9.70/2.20       Track junction; paved fire trail joins on right; signage; ‘Step Track- Kanoon Road      Recreation Reserve’ uphill on right ie the other end of Step Track and “Great North Walk’ arrowed in both directions; go straight on GNW arrow on signboard

9.74/2.21      Track Y junction and signage; track on left over concrete causeway crossing Lane Cove River goes to ‘ Epping Station 4 km’; go straight ahead to ‘Thornleigh Station 3 km’; track now right next to river, and probably river bed during flood; regular concrete pedestals for sewer access; some sewerage smell; absence of GNW arrowed post from here on

10.32/2.31    Track crosses river on concrete causeway; small stones in river bed; river now just on right; sewer pedestals

10.87/2.41    Track crosses river; river now on left

11.34/2.47    Prominent creek joins from left; river (creek) still on left of track; no GNW arrows but this is the only track

11.63/2.51    Track crosses river (creek) on concrete causeway; river now on right

11.69/2.52    Track crosses river (creek); river (creek) now on left; beautiful section of walk with good leafy track and large bracken palms between track and river

11.75/2.54    Track junction and signage; track on right goes to ‘Morona Ave.’; continue straight on GNW arrow with river (creek) still on left.

12.04/2.57    Track crosses river (creek) on concrete stepping stones; signage after crossing ‘Thornleigh Station 2 km’; track leaves river here and zig-zags uphill

12.20/3.02    Track T junction with signage; ‘Comenarra Parkway 1 km’ to the right; ‘Thornleigh’ go left.

12.44/3.07    Track T junction after steady climb; signage; ‘Baden Powell Scout Centre’to the left and ‘Thornleigh 1.2 km’ to the right; turn right

12.58/3.11    Track emerges at playing field; signage:- ‘Lane Cove National Park’; walk anticlockwise around oval to clubhouse and ablutions blocks

                        Continue on Thornleigh Suburban Streets ( still part of GNW)

12.72/3.13    Entrance to oval; signage:- ‘Great North Walk- Thornleigh Station 880 m’; cross        Ferguson Ave to Handley Ave.; walk up Handley Ave.

13.06/3.17    At end of Handley Ave., turn right into Orchard Rd. and immediately left into Station St; follow Station St to Thornleigh Railway station

13.47/3.22    On pedestrian bridge over Pennant Hills Road

13.60/3.23    Thornleigh Railway Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular road:-               2.98 km/ 22%

On locked service road/trail:-                      4.53 km/ 33%

On walking track:-                             6.09 km/ 45%

RQI= 45+17+0=62