Walk No. 19B


Walk 19 B :- Wondabyne Station and Return via Mount Wondabyne At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is wholly on tracks of variable standard. It goes up steeply on a constructed walking track to the ridgeline, then for about 1.5 km. on fire trail, then on walking track over Myron and Kariong Brooks for about 2.3 km. to another service road and about 1.4 km. along this to a junction with a walking track and just under 1 km along this to another service road, then along this and after about 200 meters, a walking track on left goes up to Mt Wondabyne after about 1.3 km. Return by the same route.

RQI:- 81

Highlights:- Unique Wondabyne Station in bush setting next to tidal Mullet Creek; pristine waterfall and pool at Mariong Brook; spectacular views over Central; Coast from top of Mt Wondabyne; remote bush setting 

Negatives :- Same route return; long section along service road

Length:- 15.7 km.

Grade:- Medium 

Weather:_All weather- possible wet crossing at Myron Brook

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 4 hrs 30 min.

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr 9 mins.

Note:- You must ask the guard to stop the train at Wondabyne and exit via the rear door in the last carriage

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 9 mins.

Note:- You must be on the platform so the train driver can see you to stop the train

Total Climb :- 485 meters

Total Descent :- 485 meters

Water:- Nil

Toilets:- Nil 

Café/Kiosk :- Nil

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Gosford


Walk 19 B Track Notes

Wondabyne Circuit via Mt. Wondabyne


Km/Hrs.min.                                       Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00       Wondabyne Station; take steps up behind platform

0.43/0.10      End of walking track; turn right onto service road

1.45/0.22      Service road T junction; left goes to Pindar Cave; continue straight

2.02/0.29      Track junction and signage:- ‘ Patonga 15 km’ , walking track on right; ‘Wondabyne Station 2.5 km’ back track; turn right towards Patonga; in places this track goes along the top of sandstone cliff lines and is a little indistinct

3.42/0.56      Myron Brook crossing

3.78/1.05      Kariong Brook crossing; pristine location with waterfall and pool

3.81/1.07       Track T junction; track on left loops back to Kariong Brook; go right.

4.22/1.18       Top of steep climb out of valley; clear track with some high steps

4.32/1.20      Track T junction with service road; signage :- ‘ Girakool’ back track and ‘Patonga’ to the right,’ Staples Lookout’ to the left; go right along this wide service road

5.71/1.37      Track Y junction at massive pitted sandstone outcrop; signage:- ‘Patonga’ for walking track on right; veer right, leaving the service road; track soon goes over massive sandstone outcrops

6.51/1.50      Track T junction with service road at power lines; arrowed green posts and signage:- ‘Girakool’ back track; turn right and follow service road

6.74/1.53      Track junction on ridge at wide left bend in service road; signage:- ‘Wondabyne Station 7 km’ back track and ‘Mt Wondabyne’ walking track on left; go left, leaving the service road.

7.62/2.10       Unsignaged track T junction on crest of ridge; go left towards Mt Wondabyne

7.80/2.18      Top of Mt Wondabyne; excellent views; morning tea stop

7.80/2.26       Resume walking; back track all the way to Wondabyne Station

7.98/2.30       Walking track T junction; turn right.

8.87/2.44       Track T junction with service road; signage:- Wondabyne Station 7 km’ to the right; turn right and follow service road.

9.10/2.47       Track T junction; take’Girakool’ walking track on left.

9.88/2.57       Track Y junction with service road; continue straight, slightly left, now along service road

11.36/3.15    Track T junction with ‘Girakool’ walking track on left; go left leaving the service road

11.85/3.26    Karion Brook crossing

12.22/3.35    Myron Brook crossing

13.67/4.06    Walking track at T junction with service road; ‘Wondabyne Station 2.5 km’ to the left; go left downhill along service road

15.29/4.26    End of service road; go left steeply down on walking track with steps

15.67/4.35    Wondabyne Station.

Route Quality Index

On locked service/fire trail:-            6.45 km/ 41%

On walking tracks:-                           9.22 km/ 59%

RQI= 59+22= 81