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Walk 18A   At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk climbs steeply from Wondabyne Station to a fire trail at 0.34 km and follows this for about 1.7 km to a walking track; walking track for 2.4 km. crossing Myron and Kariong Brooks, then alternating fire trail and walking track for about 3.8 km. to Mount Wondbyne; then about 5 km of fire trail followed by 5 km of walking track to Little Wobby 

RQI:-   77

Highlights:-   Wondabyne Station; Kariong Brook Falls and Pool; Mount Wondabyne; Hawkesbury River views and Little Wobby 

Negatives :- Boring walk for 5 km. along fire trail

Length:-  18 km. 

Grade:-  Hard

Weather:_All weather

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 5 hrs 45 mins.

Train Time from Central to Start :-.  1 hr 9 mins.; Central Coast and Newcastle Line

Train Time from finish to Central:-.  Take ferry from Little Wobby to Brooklyn then train to Central; see ferry Timetable below; train time 1 hr 2 mins

Total Climb :-  530 m.

Total Descent :-  530 m.

Water:- Nil

Toilets:-  Nil

Café/Kiosk :-  Nil

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Broken Bay; Gunderman; Gosford

Comment:-  As seen from the ferry timetable below, this walk is best performed on a Sunday, when there is a ferry back to Brooklyn at 2, 3 and 4 p.m. The 3 pm ferry can be reached with brisk walking and short drink stops.



Walk 18A Track Notes

Wondabyne to Little Wobby via Mount Wondabyne


Km./Hrs.min.                                                              Kilometers in bold are shown on maps 

0.00/0.00        Wondabyne Station; take steep stepped track up behind Station

0.34/0.10        Track intersects service road at turning circle; turn right and follow this much more gently uphill

0.36/0.11        Ignore service road joining on right; continue straight still uphill

1.40/0.24        At solid sandstone platform like outcrop on left, note overgrown service road; this goes to Pindar Cave; ignore this and continue straight

2.01/0.32        Track junction with signage:- ‘Patonga 15 km’ walking track on right; ‘ Wondabyne 2.5 km’ backtrack and ‘Girakool 8 km’ straight on along service road; turn right onto walking track towards Patonga

3.43/1.04        Crossing Myron Brook on solid sandstone outcrop

3.80/1.12        Crossing Kariong Brook with waterfall and pool on left; dry crossing-water flows between sub-surface boulders; take poorly constructed track steeply up to cliff line

4.40/1.29        Track T junction with service road and signage:- ‘Girakool’  back track; ‘Staples Lookout 2 km’ left but turn right and follow service road.

5.69/1.45        Drink stop after steeper section of service road on outcrop; excellent view of Mt. Wondabyne

5.69/1.50        Resume walk along service road

5.85/1.52        Service road crosses massive flat sandstone outcrop just before a track junction; service road veers left; continue along walking track that veers slightly right

6.67/2.04        Walking track at T junction with service road and new power lines; signage:- ‘Girakool’ backtrack; turn right and follow service road.

6.88/2.07        Track junction and signage on gentle ridge:- ‘Wondabyne Station 7 km’ and ‘Girakool’ both backtrack and ‘ Mount Wondabyne’ signage on left; go left on clear walking track towards Mt. Wondabyne

7.78/2.25        Track junction on gentle ridge after climb on rough partly washed out track; track on left goes up Mt. Wondabyne; take this and return to this point after climb; some scramble over minor cliffs

7.96/2.32        Top of Mt Wondabyne at Trig. Station marked by circular metal disc on sandstone tower; splendid views in all directions; retrace to … 11.43 track junction

8.13/2.38        Back at main walking track; go left

8.20/2.39        Walking track at wide turning circle of service road with signage:- ‘Mooney Mooney rest Area 17 km.’ back track and ‘Patonga 10.5 km.’ left along service road; go left along service road.

8.93/2.49        Service road T junction with signage:- ‘ Girakool’  backtrack and ‘Great North Walk’  to right; go right along service road;

9.38/2.54        A lesser service road joins on right; signage:- ‘Girakool’ backtrack; ‘Patonga’ straight on and ‘Rocky Ponds Trail’  on right; go right along Rocky Ponds Trail

10.74/3.13      Service road crosses massive sandstone outcrop.

12.07/3.34      The walk along Rocky Ponds Trail to this point is quite boring- flat with low scrub on both sides and few larger trees; after gentle descent from here much more interesting with larger trees.

13.05/3.50      Major track junction; the service road turns left more steeply downhill and there is a clear walking straight ahead; this is the Highway Ridge Track; follow this track; it is an old track that has seen better times- severely washed out in places with minor more recent deviations.

13.75/4.06      At Tank Creek with wide and long clearing on sandstone outcrop; minor rapids; track a little obscure but is evident if creek crossed near middle of outcrop length; track somewhat better- no more washouts, but small dead trees over track in many places

14.91/4.32      Track better in flatter section.

15.35/4.42      Track at edge of cliff with excellent views over Hawkesbury River to Dangar Island and Brooklyn with Little Wobby at base of cliff on left.

16.23/4.58      TV aerials; excellent views; now just above Little Wobby

16.51/5.03      Track poorly defined at interesting boulder rock outcrops; start of very welcome pink bunting to indicate track.

17.34/5.19      Under power lines; track marked with bunting continues along ridge, but turn right here and follow power lines down; rough descent over several low cliff lines either under or just left of power lines; there is a very faint track about half way down; some investigation required to flag the best way down.

17.72/5.39      At constructed road with Little Wobby settlement on left and sealed road on right; go right and follow narrow zig zagging footpath through Little Wobby to ferry wharf marked by Telstra phone box.

18.03/5.43      At ferry wharf; take ferry to Brooklyn;

End of Walk

Route Quality Index

On service roads:- 8.18 km; 45 %

On walking tracks:- 9.85 km.;55 %

RQI= 55+22= 77

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