Walk No. 16A


Walk 16 A:- Cowan to Taffys Rock and Return At A Glance

Route Summary :- This walk follows the Great North Walk from Cowan Station to Jerusalem Bay, then steeply up to a plateau and track junction with an unsignposted walking track along an undulating ridge line to Taffys Rock. The walk returns to Cowan by the same route 

RQI:-   100

Highlights:- Impressive Taffys Rock; sense of utter remoteness, yet relatively close to the city; beautiful Jerusalem Bay; spectacular views

Negatives :- Nil

Length:- 14.5 km

Grade:- Medium to Hard

Weather:_All weather 

Continuous walking time with a few 3-4 min. stops:- 5 hrs 20 mins. 

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 52 minutes; every hour 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 52 minutes; every hour

Total Climb :- 570 meters

Total Descent :- 570 meters 

Water:- Cowan Station bubbler

Toilets:- Cowan Station but always locked

Café/Kiosk :- Nil 

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Cowan


Walk 16 A Track Notes Cowan and Return via Taffys Rock


Km/hrs.min                                              Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00       Leave Cowan Station near the middle of the Sydney Bound platform at cream arrowed post; walk down steps and cross two railway siding tracks; turn left and walk along service road to the end of these tracks where there is a large signboard on the right.

0.11/0.02      At signboard:- ‘ Great North Walk’; ’Jerusalem Bay 2.5 km’; ‘Brooklyn 11km’; turn right and cross motorway on pedestrian bridge; continue on wide walking track

0.45/0.07       Prominent creek crossing on sandstone outcrop; creek now on right

2.31/0.34      At Jerusalem Bay; classic view right up the Bay; signboard:- ‘ Great North Walk’ in both directions; track now follows foreshore of Jerusalem Bay to another creek crossing

2.52/0.39       At creek crossing on outcrop; turn right after crossing and follow creek downstream to a smaller creek entering from left.

2.57/0.41       At smaller creek, turn left and follow track steeply up, initially on steps cut into sandstone in creek bed.

3.13/0.57       On rough part of track up:- unusual ironstone alteration of sandstone along joint; may be due to nearby igneous activity.

3.31/1.03      Track junction on top of ridge plateau and signboard:- ‘ Jerusalem Bay’ backtrack and ‘ Brooklyn’ straight on; turn right onto narrow partly overgrown walking pad

3.83/1.11       Track now wider and obviously man made; descends to col; views over Jerusalem Bay

4.04/1.15       Low point of col

4.17/1.17       Track over solid sandstone outcrop, then more steeply up

4.48/1.22       At abandoned ‘Cole’ Trig. Station; 1.5 m. high sandstone tower cairn with timber post

4.66/1.26       Track now less obvious but marked with small stone cairns; descends down to another col.

5.07/1.36       Low point of col, then gently up.

5.32/1.43      Top of massive tasselated sandstone outcrop; ‘Pound Spur’; dramatic views; track continues on southern (right) side of spur and marked with stone cairns, then descends to another col

5.71/1.59       At abandoned ‘Edward’ Trig station; 1.5 m. high sandstone tower cairn

5.92/2.03       Track quite faint, goes along sharp sandstone ridge; views of Hawkesbury River and Jerusalem Bay

6.00/2.06       Track goes up approx.. 10 m. bare sandstone

6.16/2.09       Steep descent down low cliff line; spectacular rock formations; track overgrown when not on sandstone but marked with small cairns.

6.42/2.15       Low point of col on massive sandstone.

7.24/2.38      At Taffys Rock; massive sandstone hill over 100 m. long; magnificent views; metal commemorative plaque on eastern side; track continues down cliff on southern side marked with cairns, but may need rope to return, so best to avoid.

Retrace all the way back to Cowan Station