Walk No. 15


Walk 15:- Mt Kuring-gai Circuit via Birriwana Loop and Bobbin Head At A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It follows Harwood Ave. for 0.4 km. from Mt Kuring-gai Station, then on a fire trail for 0.6 km. to a walking track for about 2,5 km. to Apple Tree Bay with 150 m. on public road to a walking track up for about 200 m. to pass the NPWLS Regional Office and a further 1.9 km on walking tracks to Bobbin Head. The walk returns to Regional Office after 1 km on loop walking track, then retraces via Apple Tree Bay back to Mt. Kuring-gai Station.

RQI:-   83

Highlights:- Views over Cowan Creek; Apple Tree Bay and Bobbin Head recreation Areas; pristine forest above Bobbin Head.

Negatives :- Total of 0.8 km. walk along Harwood Av. at start and finish

Length:- 10.7 km.

Grade:- Easy

Weather:_All weather

Time :- 3 hrs. continuous walking

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 1 hr 2 mins. Via T1 Line

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 2 mins. Via T1 Line

Total Climb :- 435 meters

Total Descent :- 435 meters 

Water:- Bobbin Head 

Toilets:- Bobbin Head; Apple Tree Bay 

Café/Kiosk :- Bobbin Head (irregular); Apple Tree Bay (rarely)

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Hornsby


Walk No 15  Track Notes

Mt Kuring-gai Circuit via Bobbin Head and Birriwana Loop Track


Km/Hrs.min                                                            Kilometers in bold are shown on map

0.00/0.00         Mt Kuring-gai railway station; walk down station steps, turn left and cross motorway on pedestrian bridge.

0.07/0.02         After crossing, continue straight ahead and follow Harwood Ave. to its end.

0.38/0.05         At end of Harwood Ave., walk past locked gate to sign board :- ‘ Mt Kuring-gai National Park- Mt Kuring-gai Track’; ‘Apple Tree Bay 4 km’ and ‘Berowra 8 km’; follow service road

1.02/0.13         Track junction; track on right goes to lookout; continue straight on arrowed post; track soon goes downhill and narrows to a walking track

2.75/0.42         Track T junction at edge of Cowan Creek; signage:-‘ Mt Kuring-gai 2.5 km’ back track; turn right and follow track upstream beside Cowan creek

2.82/0.44         Man-made sandstone wall on right is evidence of earlier residence here

3.44/0.54         At Apple Tree Bay bridge and sign board:- ‘ Berowra Track 7 km’ and ‘ Mt Kuring-gai 3.4 km’ both back track; cross bridge and follow sealed road around bay , passing kiosk located on the right

3.73/0.58         Track junction about 150 m after kiosk; walking track on right goes uphill; signage:- ‘ Regional Office’; take track uphill, leaving the sealed road.

3.86/1.04         Track junction after continuous zig-zag climb; take track on right and almost immediately cross sealed road at right angles, with the Parks Regional Office and car park on your left; walk slightly downhill to a sign board.

3.91/1.05         Track junction at sign board; ‘ Birriwana Loop ‘ and ’Bobbin Head 750 m’ track on left and ‘ Kalkari 2 km’ on right; take track on right

4.36/1.18         Track T junction after continuous climb; sign post ‘ Regional Office’ back track; no signage for tracks to left or right; go left.

4.51/1.20         Beautiful location –wide area of bracken and tall trees; track mostly on contour.

4.80/1.24         Track T junction and sign board :- ‘ regional Office’ back track, ‘ Bobbin Head’ track on left and ‘Kalkari’ track on right; go left

5.11/1.29         Track junction; track on right goes to lookout and picnic area; go straight; track gradually narrows and zigzags steeply downhill

5.64/1.39         Track emerges at Bobbin Head beside (on upstream side of) restaurant/kiosk; signage for Birriwana Track.

5.80/1.42         Track resumes on other side of restaurant/kiosk where sign board:- ‘ Cockle Creek Lookout Track’ and ‘ Birriwana Loop Track’ ; track initially goes along left side of sealed road for about 100 m to another sign board

6.10/1.45       Track veers left away from road to sign board:- ‘ regional Office’, ‘Birriwana Track’ and ‘ kalkari Visitors Centre’ all uphill

6.35/1.52        Track junction on top of ridge; track on right goes to Cockle creek Lookout; continue straight

6.78/1.57         Back at Birriwana Loop track junction and signage , with Regional Office and car park now on right ; cross sealed road at right angles.

From this point this walk backtracks all the way to Mt Kuring-gai railway Station.

6.93/2.03         Walking track intersects sealed road to Apple Tree Bay ; go left, follow sealed road around Bay, re-cross bridge to sign board.

7.19/2.05         At sign board; turn right and follow Berowra Track

7.94/2.17         Mt Kuring-gai turnoff and signage; turn left and follow track uphill

9.68/2.48         End of almost continuous climb; start of ridge plateau; track to lookout now on left

10.31/2.57       End of fire trail at gate; follow Harwood Ave. back to Mt Kuring-gai Station

10.70/3.02       At Station; end of walk

Route Quality Index

On sealed public road :-          1.18 km/ 11%

On fire/service trail:-             1.28 km/ 12%

On bush/walking track:-          8.24 km/ 77%

RQI= 77+6+0= 83