Walk No. 13A


Walk 13 A:-  Wahroonga to Mount Kuring-gai via Bobbin Head At

                                              A Glance

Route Summary:- This walk is all on track. It starts with a 2.7 km. walk along Wahroongs Streets to the start of the Gibberagong Track that goes down to cross Lovers Jump Creek, then follows Cockle Creek to Bobbin Head The walk then goes for 1.2 km along a public road to Apple Tree Bay. From there it follows the Berowra Track for 1 km. along Cowan Creek to a junction with the Kuring-gai Track and takes this up to Mt Kuring-gai Station with a final 0.4 km walk along Harwood Ave.

RQI:- 65

Highlights:- Interesting walk along the Gibberagong track that follows Cockle Creek from rapids to tidal atBobbin Head Recreation Area and Mangrove Conservation Area then to Apple Tree Bay,and along the wide Cowan Creek up to Mount Kuring-gai.

Negatives:- Approximately 2.7 km. along Wahroonga Streets at start of walk, but with some interesting grand residential architecture;  

Length:- 13.85 km

Grade:- Medium

Weather:_All weather with minor creek crossing over Lovers Jump Creek

Time 3 hrs 36 min. continuous walking  

Train Time from Central to Start :-. 44 minutes via T1 Line 

Train Time from finish to Central:-. 1 hr 2 mins via T1 Line

Total Climb :- 255 meters

Total Descent :- 235 meters

Water:- Wahroonga, Bobbin Head, 

Toilets:- Wahroonga Park, Bobbin Head

Café/Kiosk :- Wahroonga, Bobbin Head

Published 1:25,000 Map :- Hornsb


Walk 13 A Track Notes  Wahroonga to Mt Kuring-gai


Km./Hrs.min                                             Kilometers in bold are shown on map 

0.00/0.00      At Wahroonga Railway Station, take overhead bridge steps up, turn left and walk down to the start of Illoura Ave.

0.28/0.04       At end of Illoura Ave, cross road and continue straight on 1.5 m wide pedestrian walkway between fences

0.38/0.05       At intersection with Burns Rd., cross this veering about 5 m to the right to find continuation of pedestrian walkway

0.53/0.07       Track T junction with Bareena Ave, turn right and follow this to a T intersection with Grosvenor St.

0.76/0.09       At Grosvenor St., turn left and follow this to its end, ignoring any side tracks on the right near the end of Grosvenor St

2.70/0.30      At end of Grosvenor St., metal gate; signage:- ‘No Through Road’; follow this wide fire trail

2.73/0.31       Approx. 50 m after gate signage:- ‘Kuring-gai Chase national Park- Gibberagong Trail; Bobbin Head 6 km one way’ ; arrowed post

3.75/0.41       Fire trail narrows here to approx. 2-3 m wide, heading gently downhill

4.04/0.44       End of fire trail; go straight on good walking track; ignore track on right; track now winds more steeply downhill with irregularly spaced timber steps to the edge of Lovers Jump Creek

4.55/0.54      At Lovers Jump Creek, signage:- ‘Bobbin Head’; turn left and cross creek at no obvious crossing; after crossing, turn left and find and follow a poorly defined track downstream (creek on left) for about 50 m. to a large pool and creek junction.

4.60/0.58       At large pool on left and junction of Lovers Jump and Cockle Creeks; follow a good track downstream from here (Cockle Creek on left)

4.74/1.01      Track junction with signage:- ‘Murrua Rd’ track on right ‘Grosvenor St’ track back ‘Bobbin Head’ track straight on; go straight

5.11/1.08       Substantial sandstone cliff feature with sky light and honeycomb weathering; Cockle Creek approx. 20 m on left

5.81/1.21       Track junction; ignore trck on left but go straight ahead over fallen rocks; clear track resumes after about 15 m.; Creek about 10 m on left

7.79/1.53      Track junction on headland with signage:- ‘Wahroonga 5km’ track back, ‘Rainforest 500 m’ track on right and ‘Bobbin head 500 m’ track on left; go left; follow track to Bobbin Head on timber walkway through mangrove area and bridge over Cockle Creek.

8.79/2.08      At Bobbin Head Recreation Area opposite National Parks Information Centre next to restaurant; public drinking water tap nearby; follow signposted:- ‘Apple Tree Bay’ paved vehicular road to Apple Tree Bay with Cowan Creek on the right

9.84/2.20       Track junction- track joins road on left- goes to NPWS Regional Office; continue straight for about 100 m to Apple Tree Bay

10.04/2.23    At Apple Tree Bay; time out for morning tea

10.04/2.31    Resume walk; cross footbridge over Apple Tree Creek and signage:- ‘Berowra Track-  Berowra 7 km- Mt Kuring-gai 3.4 km’ ; turn right after crossing footbridge and follow track

11.05/2.47    Track junction and signage:- ‘Mt Kuring-gai 2.5 km’ track sharp left zig zags uphill

11.26/2.55    Track junction; track on right goes to viewpoint-ignore this; veer left and continue uphill

12.78/3.20    Track junction at top of climb; ignore track on left, go straight on what is now a fire trail; climb from Cowan Creek mostly on gentle grade with a few slightly steeper sections

13.41/3.30    gate at end of fire trail and signage; start of Harwood Ave- follow this to its end, then over footbridge, over freeway to Mt Kuring-gai railway station

13.85/3.36    At Mt Kuring-gai railway station; end of walk

Route Quality Index 

On public vehicular roads:-             4.29km/ 31%

On locked service/fire trail:-            1.10km/8%

On walking track:-                             8.45 km/61%

RQI= 61+4+0s=65