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Walk 1:- Gordon to Chatswood At A Glance

Route Summary :- This walk goes from Gordon Railway Station for about 1 km. along Gordon suburban streets to Blackbutt Creek, then for about 1.7 km along Blackbutt Creek to Lady Game Drive, then for about 1 km. along East Killara suburban streets to join the Great North Walk heading southeast along the Lane Cove River Valley to the Koonjeree Picnic Area at Fullers Bridge; from here the walk goes for about 3.5 km.along the signposted ‘Rail to River’ walk to Chatswood Station with about 2 km of this along public vehicular roads.

 RQI:- 51

 Highlights:- Lane Cove River valley; Koonjeree Picnic Area; rock cave overhangs

Negatives:- This can barely be called a bushwalk as approx. 4 km. of this is along public vehicular roads.

 Length:- 11.10 km

 Grade:- Easy; all on clear track or road

 Weather:_All weather- check rare possible flood over Lane Cove Weir

 Continuous Walking Time:- approx.. 3 hrs.

 Train Time from Central to Start :- 35 mins.

 Train Time to Central from Finish :- 26 mins.

 Total Climb :- 185 m.

 Total Descent :- 195 m.

 Water:- At Gordon and Chatswood Stations and Koonjeree Picnic Area

 Toilets:- As above

 Café/Kiosk :- Gordon, Chatswood and Riverside Cafe

 Published 1: 25,000 Map :- Parramatta River


Walk 1 Track Notes

Gordon to Chatswood



 0.00/0.00        Gordon railway station; walk up Station steps, turn left, cross Wade Lane on pedestrian crossing to the end of St Johns Street; walk up St Johns Street to the Pacific Highway; cross the Highway on pedestrian lights.

0.15/0.04        After crossing, turn right and walk about 50 m in front of shops to Moree Street, the first street on left.

0.21/0.05        At Moree St., turn left and walk down Moree St. to its end.

0.89/0.11        At end of Moree St., unsignposted T junction with Vale St.; turn right and walk about 60 m down Vale St. to the start of the walking track on left outside House No 35.

0.96/0.12        Turn left onto service road, walk past locked gate to a signboard:-‘Blackbutt Creek Road’ ; follow this gently down with a creek on left.

1.30/0.15        Creek crossing on concrete and sandstone outcrop next to a junction with another creek on right; main creek now on right.

1.63/0.20        Track X junction with signposted minor tracks; ignore these; continue straight on service road; there is a distinct smell of sewerage along sections of this service road.

2.04/0.24        Service road goes steeply down on concrete ramp.

2.63/0.31        Service road T junction just after another steep section down; tiny faded timber signboards on left of junction:- ‘Blue Hole’,’Lane Cove River’ on right; go right and immediately cross creek on concrete culvert , then follow the service road up, past a locked gate, to its intersection with Lady Game Drive

2.72/0.33        At Lady Game Drive; cross this with care and turn left onto wide concrete shoulder; walk up Lady Game Drive to a T junction with De Burgh St., the first road on right .

3.02/0.37        At de Burgh St.; note road sign is on left of Lady Game Drive; turn right and walk along De Burgh St. to an acute road intersection and turning circle.

3.24/0.41        At turning circle on right and acute intersection with unsignposted Beaumont St.; turn hard right (about 160 degrees) and walk along Beaumont St, past Manning rd. on left to its end.

3.46/0.44        At the end of Beaumont St., turn left into Balxland Rd. and follow this to its end.

3.83/0.48        At end of Blaxland Rd. and intersection with Terrace Rd. on left, turn right into Allen Park; walk past the gate and cross the approx.. 40 m wide grassy area diagonally to the start of a walking track .

3.88/0.49        At start of walking track and signage about 15 m along:-‘Lane Cove National Park’; ‘Great North Walk 100 m’ follow walking track steeply down.

3.96/0.50        Track junction and signage on right:-‘Terrace Road’ back track and’ De Burgh Bridge’ and ‘Great North Walk’ straight on; no signage or arrowed post for track on left but this is on the G.N.Walk; turn left and walk downstream, with Lane Cove River visible down on right; track goes past and under some spectacular rock overhangs.

4.21/0.56        Track split around large boulder; take either track.

4.35/0.59        Faint track junction on left, but main track continues straight under low rock overhangs; note strategically placed G.N.Walk arrowed green posts.

5.20/1.14        Track now next to rather wide Lane Cove River.

5.50/1.19        Signboard on right ‘Blue Hole 1.7 km’ back track and ‘Visitors Centre 2.2 km’ straight on; ignore faint track on left; continue straight

5.68/1.22        Timber bridge at river view point and signage:- ‘Access to Oval 100m’ ; continue straight, then under rock overhang

5.88/1.24        Track T junction and signage:- ‘Fittons Wharf’ up on steps, track on left and ‘Visitors Centre Loop’ straight on; continue straight on

5.94/1.26        Track split; veer left uphill

6.45/1.33        Track now wider as service road at T junction with confusing signage; there are two arrowed posts- one is lighter green and has arrows in both direction along service road, the other is a brownish green (the G.N.Walk colour) and indicates a left turn onto walking track leaving service road; go left and up on timber steps after a short distance.

6.78/1.40        Walking track intersects sealed service road; turn left on arrowed green post , walk about 20 m on service road and then turn right back onto walking track on arrowed green post.

7.00/1.43        Walking track at T junction with wide service road; turn right and follow service road downhill

7.02/1.44        Track junction and signboard; tracks to left and straight ahead are closed with temporary fencing; turn right still on wide service road, possibly the floor of an old quarry.

7.19/1.46        Turn right onto walking track with arrowed green post about 20 m before a gate across service road.

7.21/1.47        Walking track emerges at a sealed public vehicular road with large signboard ‘Great North Walk’ along with several other back track destinations including ‘Thornleigh Oval 11 km’ ; turn left and walk along public road, past staff car park on right then around Jenkins Hall, also on right and then veer left and walk across Lane Cove Weir

7.49/1.52        Middle of Lane Cove Weir; turn left onto concrete footpath immediately after crossing the weir; this footpath runs between the Lane Cove River on left and the Koonjeree Picnic Area on right; (10 minutes time out for morning tea.)

7.62/2.04        Resume walking; follow concrete footpath; ignore concrete path forking to the right, then at a 3-way path split ,just before Fullers Bridge, take the middle path and walk up 4 steps to the end of Fullers Bridge on left and a bus stop about 20 m on right; turn left and cross the Lane Cove River on Fullers Bridge.

7.75/2.05        At the other end of Fullers Bridge, look for a walking track on left down to the River; take this down, then turn left again and walk under Fullers Bridge next to the Lane Cove River on your right; follow this good walking track along the River till it comes to a golf course immediately in front with large signboard and map on left.

7.96/2.11        At golf course with large signboard and map; ‘Rail to River Walk’ turn left and follow walking track uphill on steps

Note:– From this point there are metal ‘Rail to River walk’ signs at all key intersections with public vehicular roads. These signs are commonly on easily visible galvanised metal poles.

8.00/2.14        Walking track at junction with Read drive, a public vehicular road; turn right and walk along Reid Drive, with golf course now well down on right; walk past The Fairway that joins from the left, then past gates and through the car park for the O.H.Reid Memorial Oval; continue in a straight line across the oval to a walking track on the other side.

Note:- There are two walking tracks on the other side of the oval about 25 m apart; the right hand track goes down to the Lane Cove River and is the wrong track; the left, correct track has a plain timber arrowed post about 4 m in from the oval;

8.50/2.26        Walking track on other side of oval; note plain timber post with black arrows; follow track up on steps.

8.61/2.28        Track ends at turning circle with Hawthorne Ave., a public vehicular road; note ‘Rail to River Walk’ signage; turn left and walk along Hawthorne Ave. for about 25 meters to another ‘Rail to River Walk’ sign at a crossroads; turn right into Bellevue St. and walk along this gently uphill for several hundred meters to a T junction with Fullers Road.

9.09/2.34        At Fullers Road, note ‘Rail to River Walk’ signage and turn right and walk about 30 m past a major acute intersection with Millwood Ave.

9.28/2.37        About 30 m after this intersection, note Rail to River Walk signage outside a gate leading to Lowanna Park on the right; turn right, open and then close gate; walk diagonally across the parks on a wavy concrete footpath to another gate ; open, then close this to arrive at Greville Street with ‘Rail to River Walk’ signage .

9.37/2.39        Turn right and walk down Greville St. past Wilfred Ave. on the right to House No 86 Greville St just before the Harnett Place road sign; look for a walking track down opposite 86 Greville St just to the right of a concrete ramp.

9.54/2.41        At start of walking track and signage on timber post:- ‘Ferndale Walk ; walk down on steps, past a house on the right to a track T junction about 15 m in front of a creek crossed by a pipeline

9.65/2.47        At track T junction; arrowed post indicates turn to left; turn left and follow track upstream with creek on right

9.76/2.50        Track T junction with signage on timber post; ‘Ferndale Walk’ track on right crosses creek on steps; ‘Rail to River Walk ‘ straight on; continue straight, creek still on right; track then climbs on steps.

9.91/2.54        Track X junction in clearer area; tracks to left and right go to nearby public roads but continue straight on arrowed post; after about 50 m on, cross creek on stepping stones and after another 50 m. track emerges at a grassy clearing and service road; follow service road through Ferndale Park to Park Ave.;(5 minute drink stop)

10.09/3.02      At Park Ave. with ‘Rail to River Walk’ signage indicating left turn; walk about 20 m along Park St to another ‘Rail to River Walk’ sign to a walking track that goes up along a narrow gully with a creek and the rear of houses on the right; take this to Edgar St.

10.45/3.08      Walking track intersects Edgar St with ‘Rail to River Walk’ signage indicating right turn; follow Edgar St for about 15 m to another ‘Rail to River Walk ‘ sign indicating left turn into Weston Way; go up Weston Way

10.53/3.09      Weston Way T junction with Jenkins St and ‘Rail to River Walk’ sign indicating right turn; walk about 25 m along Jenkins St to the continuation of Weston Way on your left; turn left and continue up Weston Way across James St, then up steps past the Kenneth Slessor Park on right to a T junction with the Pacific Highway.

10.74/3.13      At the Pacific Highway, turn right and walk about 50 m. to a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights; cross the Highway and continue straight down along Victoria Ave. to Chatswood Station.

11.09/3.18      At Chatswood Station

Route Quality Index

On public vehicular roads:-                       4.52 km./ 41%

On locked service/fire trails:-       1.95 km./ 17%

On walking tracks:-                          4.59 km./ 42%

RQI= 42+9+0=51