Walk Grading


Walk Grading

Easy:- Follows constructed, well defined, level or gently undulating tracks to 10 km in length and is able to be completed by walkers of average fitness; mostly clear signage.

Easy- Medium:- Follows marked, constructed tracks to 12 km. May have some short, steep climbs or descents, or longer, gradual climbs. May also follow short sections of unconstructed but easily recognizable track with simple navigational requirements; mostly adequate signage.

Medium:- Requires a reasonable level of fitness with distances to 16 km. May also follow long sections of unmarked but recognizable tracks requiring some navigational skill. May involve creek crossings on rocks or marked stepping stones and sparse signage.

Medium-Hard:- Requires good level of experience and fitness. May involve some long climbs or descents or be primarily level with distances up to 20 km. May also follow short sections of very rocky, rough or unmarked or absent tracks requiring navigational skill. May involve some rock scrambling, creek fording or rock hopping in creek beds or shore line; absent or sparse signage.

Hard:- For experienced, fit walkers. Can be primarily level with distances greater than 20 km or requires either some competent navigation or includes long climbs and descents. May also involve some rock scrambling or wading of streams or negotiating creek or river gorges and long sections off track; signage may be absent.


Route Quality Index (RQI)


The route quality index is a measure of the proportion of the walk that is on walking tracks or in the bush, off track- i.e. proper bushwalking with half credit for walking along locked service/fire trails and no credit for walking along public vehicular roads.

Thus RQI= % of walk on walking/bush track or off track + half % of walk on locked service/ fire trail + zero for % of walk on public vehicular road, sealed or unsealed.


E.g. 50% bush track; 30 % fire trail 20% unsealed vehicular road:_ RQI= 65

Maximum possible= 100 i.e. all on bush/walking track or off track

Minimum possible= zero i.e. all on public vehicular road