Welcome and Important Disclaimer

The information contained on this website was compiled for use without charge, by anyone interested in bushwalking around Sydney.

The site is best operated from left to right by means of three drop down menus.

It is suggested that you initially read the section on ‘Preparation’ and ‘Walk Grading’

Then proceed to the ‘Overview’ menu and look at the ‘Location’ map that shows the National Parks and Walk Numbers therein. When you have decided where you want to walk, go to the ‘Walks List’ that gives the location, length, degree of difficulty and route quality for each walk.

When you have selected your walk, proceed to the ‘Walks Detail’ menu to view your walk ‘At A Glance’ and download/ print the Track Notes, Map(s) and walk profile. Bear in mind that you are unlikely to have network coverage during the walk.

Re-visit the ‘Preparation’ section to prepare for the chosen day and walk.

The information contained on this website was compiled over a number of years and although as accurate as possible at that time, it is likely that conditions will have changed, especially for track markers and route conditions. Some of these possible changes are given in the ‘Preparation’ section.

All bushwalking entails some risk of harm.There are potential dangers on all walks, both from weather and terrain, so please choose a walk within your physical capabilities and carefully prepare for potentially adverse conditions due to the weather on the day and possibly flooded creeks and rivers and high surf swells.

The author does not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage however sustained by any person(s) using the information on this site